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Dallas Stars Secondary Logo


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I am not a designer by any stretch but its something I hope to get into when money pertains. I've always been interested in the asthetics of sports and have been collecting Jerseys for as long as I can remember. This is the third concept I've ever attempted and the first I've posted here so keep that in mind when judging... Its also a work in progress.

Now about the logo...

I was inspired to make a secondary logo for the Dallas Stars a long time ago after reading a topic where members on this board advocated changing the team colours to either Red and Blue or the Cowboys scheme of Navy and Silver. As a fan of the identity since the days of the Northstars (theres something about that Green Black and Gold scheme that has always seemed so fresh to me) I was dead against this. I dont remember who it was but somebody posted a picture of the Dallas Skyline at night and the colours of the city mirrored the Stars scheme so perfectly that I set out to make a logo that reflected this. Initially I wanted to incorporate the entire skyline but after scaling back my ambitions I decided to do secondary patch that depicted the Bank of America Plaza with its green lit edges.

The logo has a few historical nods to the Northstars franchise. The first being the use of the colours from the franchises last two years that stuck around for the first year in Dallas (Kelly Green). The second being the partial stars logo in the upper right corner representing the North Star.


C & C would be greatly appreciated, thanks for looking!

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That looks like a really good start, but the building somehow lacks depth. Possibly try detaching the green and white outer outlines of the building from the circle? I'm thinking that if only the closest corner of the building is attached to the circle, it might add to the perspective.

Also, the 'D' looks generic and flat... I'd look into replacing it.

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I like it! The "D" seems very out of place, however, and doesn't really add anything to the logo as a whole. Also, I agree with the "lacking depth" comment on the building... what if it came in front of the circles, rather than behind?

A pretty solid attempt overall, I think :)

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This would make a great 20th anniversary patch for the Dallas Stars (in a couple years), but as a primary or secondary logo? I just don't see it.

i couldn't agree more. i'd rework this concept as a 20 Years in Dallas patch. cause i really really love it.

i'm glad my insistence that the dallas skyline is stars colors hit home with someone :)

my only other critique is that the D doesn't follow the angle of the building, throwing off all perspective for it. other than that, i love it.

maybe turn the specks of stars into actual italic stars like the primary logo.

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First off thanks for the helpful suggestions. I've reworked the concept a bit and have come up this..


I didnt want to eliminate the stars in the sky completely but they did look a little too much falling snow so I changed them from white to gold.

The generic 'D' is gone and the inner green circle has been outlined in white so the lines of the building don't dissappear in the circle.

I was also wondering if anybody on these boards had an Edge Template in Vector format. I want to expand this concept and make jerseys so if anybody can help please PM me.

Thanks for looking!

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