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Some Sim Baseball Concepts


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Hey guys.

So I run a sim baseball league... Kinda. Here, just look at the rules. I found free agent baseball players, and assembled 4 15 player teams. Then expanded to 5 17 player teams. Once a player turns 37(Current age + number of seasons int he league) then he will be retired, just to keep it realistic. I've made up players as rookies to fill in those spots eventually.

But what i wanted to show you was the logos and uniforms. The league started at 4 teams in the first season, now it is 5, soon to be 6. The teams are from Austin, Omaha, Orlando, Portland, and Virginia. I wanted more of a minor league feel to the teams, with more obscure nicknames. Here are the identities

These are the Austin Roughnecks. A roughneck is a name for an oil worker, thus explaining the oil drops, gears, and obviously, the oil worker. They had one identity before, which I never really was fond of, so I made a new one. They finished 4-10 in season 1, which is last. Now they are tied for first with 9 played.


Next is the Omaha Cyclones. I put them here, because they were building a new stadium for the College World Series. The mid west has a lot of tornadoes, so that explains the nickname. I made the OC logo first, then tried making the O logo, I didn't like it, then it grew on me. I thought it would be cool to work it into the scripts. Luckily, both names had Os in it. This team is 1-6, making them last in their first year as a franchise.


This team is the Orlando Majestics. I was suggested the name, and I feel like I settled. Then came the idea, why not call them the M's, similar to the Oakland Athletics. I arched the logos in the way of the Twins logo. This is the only team to have 4 jersey sets, but the powder blue was JUST added. I wanted to put the M's logo on a jersey. This team is the worst team, on paper. (Read rules linked above) Their line up is 4 3 point batters, and 5 2 point. It doesn't seem like much of a difference, but it is. Think of a 6 point pitcher against a 3. 1/3 of the time statistically, the batter will get a hit. Giving him an average of around .333. But back to the logos.


Here are the Portland Trappers, the Season 1 champs. This identity revolves around the P cap logo. I do think its one of the best in the league, in my opinion. I'm not crazy about the rest of the stuff though. The only team to wear pinstripes would win the championship. The road is a sandy color, and the alt is a green. I have tried to make a logo like the 70s swinging logos(think Padres or Orioles), but a trapper.


Last is my personal favorite team, the Virginia Beach Bums. Suggested by Mac the Knife, the nickname can be looked at two different ways. The Vriginia Beach Bums, or the Virginia Beach Bums. I only have two logos, but have one in process kinda. I wanted to make a logo of like a surfer/beach bum kinda guy, and I just cannot get the mouth right. The primary is a surfboard with the team name on it, and the cap is VB infront of a surfboard. This team also uses vests! Yay vests!


So those are the identities. I might post some other logos I've made, like the allstar logo.

It may seem like I'm advertising my league, but I really wanted some C&C on my logos, and suggestions to improve them.


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I really like the Portland look but I wonder if the jerseys would look better w/o the pinstripes. The green jersey is my favorite. I also like the Roughnecks logo but the Tertiary look is my favorite of the bunch. They appear to have a Univ. of Tennessee baseball color scheme.

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