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Golden State Warriors


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Hey guys. I felt obligated to do some NBA Concepts. I did a Grizzlies one, but it's OKAY. I'll probably fix it later.

ANYWHO. I don't really like the Warriors' "new" set. To an extent, retro works. I like the colors a lot, but prefer the previous primary logo. I changed the logo to have no gradients, which was a killer. I limited it to 3 colors, blue, yellow, and a lighter blue. I went with a Raptors style jersey. I think theyre actually pretty cool, and different. I did include the current primary on the shorts, because compared to the other logos, this is the best. I also did a court concept fer you guys.


I'll do some more soon, but comment for now!

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I like it. You used the modern logo and the retro bridge logo. I also like how you limited the colours. However, I think it could use a yellow alternate. Muy bien!

EDIT: I just noticed that the white jersey needs way more yellow in it, preferably in the script.

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As a big Warriors fan, I would be disappointed if they unveiled these. The two logos are completely different and don't relate to each other at all, givnig the team a weak identity.

For the jerseys, I don't like the straight NOB, and I agree about the wordmark feeling outdated. And I really don't like the Raptors-style shorts.

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