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I made it ........Finally


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I have been running these halls for years. I have seen some damm good jerseys from some killer designers.

I had to share my excitement.

I had one of my designs make it to the pro's. Here is my back ground. i live in florida, i am the equipment manager of the SPHL team the Pensacola Ice Flyers. we talked about adding a third jersey for this season. i asked the owner if I could do the design. And he liked it. We now wear my design as our friday jersey. I just had to share the great news.

here it is.

Here is the original design. I then added the name Pensacola Ice Flyers to circle the log (This is what the owner wanted


These are in game photos of the jersey.


This is me on the bench to the left


Just had to share this.


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All I'm seening are lists of stats.

EDIT: Nevermind, I see them now. Is the logo on the jerseys completely white, or is that just me? If so, I think they'd look a lot better if the circle was removed and the bird was given some color.

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This was the original jersey design at the top. I just wanted to show how I started the project.

The wings on the jersey made more sence as they would face on a bird.

The center logo does have shading. and the company did make it a little larger than we had hoped.

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that's freaking awesome. I'd really like to see the wings a little bit shorter and sleeve numbers used (as a tv/radio commentator, I can't tell you how important those 4" numbers really are), and used as a full time third. Great design, very original, and I'm sure it looked fantastic in person.

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Kinda lost with your question.

The photos at the top of the topic are from my designs. The Eagle head is a take on our main logo.

Im sure you all have seen as we have been given a load of crap for our main logo.

I did the work on the jersey and design.

So if thats what you mean then there ya go. If not please explain and I will try to answer ...sorry just a little confussed.

I love all the feed back on the jersey.

I have been given the green light to work on next season jersey also. So I am hard at it. This is one hell of a feeling let me tell you.

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