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Big East Lacrosse Project


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So the idea behind this is making a full on conference for major conferences in the sport of lacrosse. The ACC and Big East both were counted as "D1 Independents" on the NCAA Lacrosse final rankings from last season. The Big East had 7 teams in a mini conference, but thats not what I'm going for! I'm aiming for like 12.

Imagine a full on NCAA lacrosse sport, with all the teams and conferences. Here are the top 4 actual lacrosse teams in the Big East.

1. Syracuse

I went with what the basketball team made work. Blocks that went in order on the pants. I did that, but added it to the sleeves. Simple script and font on the front, and I added some piping for nike, and it felt like it needed something up front.


2. Georgetown

I searched "Georgetown lacrosse", and they had some jerseys which apparently had a sublimated pattern like what you see below. I deiced that would look best. The helmets are grey, just to add some variation from the navy.


3. Notre Dame

It's not really that easy to make a new Notre Dame design. The team is adidas, and they have practice football jerseys similar to this. I matched the stripe color on the way down. Them old gold helmets were also a must on this. I did put some green in it with a sleeve logo.


4. Villanova

The basketball team had some jerseys that had one color on one side, and one on the other. Kinda like so. I wanted that motif, without straying from the original plan. I decided to do a white helmet instead of a navy one. It just balanced things out on the blue top set. If you match the pants with the helmet on football, hockey, lacrosse, or anything, it will have a nice balance and look better.


Rutgers, St. Johns, and Providence are the next couple for sure. Then I can do some new schools! woooo!

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These look really good, my only complaints are on Notre Dame (of course ^_^ ).

First off, the blue needs to change to dark navy, which is actually the school's color. I know a lot of ND logos on the web are that lighter shade of blue, but they're wrong.

Second, I would make the part of the helmet that's light blue on Villanova gold for ND, and then make the facemask gray, to match the football team.

Last, I would outline the ND on the shorts in gold to match the rest of the uniform.

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Agreed on the Notre Dame helmets. Right now they look like a reverse of Michigan's football helmets, which might upset your average Irish fan just a little (in the same way the Grand Canyon is a little hole in the ground).

Other than that, these are solid concepts! I really like Syracuse's block striping.


There comes a point when you don't stand for the constant heartbreak anymore, and walk away.

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Bringing this back, I have 10 done and Ill do maybe 2 more?

5. Rutgers

One of the next teams that actually play D1 lacrosse. I wanted some black in here just for balance. Pretty basic design, like everything Rutgers uses. Though it is modern with the under arm design, and piping.


6. Providence

6 of 7 teams with a team. I went grey helmets, black jersey, and grey pants. I limited the white to the piping and words. I decided to make the road jersey grey just to be different, and its light enough.


7. USF

I based these off the football jerseys a little. Those have the horns on the collar, like what I did here. I went with gold helmet and pants unlike the football team. The same font is used just to tie with every other sport they have.


8. Cincinnati

A while ago, I did a bearcats concept with slashes like this. I kind of really liked this look, and didn't want to use adidas templates. I thought the all black with red piping looked cool.


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