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Pistons Alternate


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Decided to bring back a red uniform for the Detroit Pistons, but instead of recoloring the home/road design I wanted to create a unique motown look.

What I went for:

- Darker blue to contrast better

- New "motor city" looking wordmark. I think that for a home/road set the wordmark might looky cheesy, but I think it works for an alternate.

- Side Panel designs are intended to represent a piston and a car grill aswell as balance the color of the jersey.

- Miami Heat slanted numbers to add the feeling of motion.



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Dig it. The "Detroit" wordmark really captures the feel you were going for. The only problem is that "r", which closes up awkwardly near the bottom; I'd open that up a little. I think you could also use the regular Pistons numbers, if only to give a little bit of continuity between these uniforms and their regular set. Is it possible to see a side view or a detail of the side panels?

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