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Updating an Islanders Logo


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It's a good start, but I feel like there is too much left-to-right contrast, i.e. the logo as a whole goes from very dark to very light to very dark, from left to right. There is nothing wrong with that per se, but I think it creates an unbalanced feel. I feel like my eye is immediately drawn to the whitest part of the lighthouse, and the surrounding dark blue sides and background sort of get lost or ignored.

The original logo didn't have this problem because of the bright blue in the background that traverses most of the logo from left-to-right.

Your concept does look good though, I may just be nitpicking.

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i've played on recoloring this and trying to update it, too. it's difficult, because the essence of the logo still screams '90s to me. if you wanted to revamp it, i think you could go to the retro colors, maybe straighten out the lighthouse and figure out something to make the light beams look less...cartoonish? if that makes sense.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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