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Lonely Alts: Cubs Generations


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My Lonely Alts series usually takes on four teams in one go. This time out, though, I stuck to one team but utilized a few eras, some memorable, some not so much. Let's get it started with 1962...


yes, I figured this would be both a bit behind yet far ahead of its time at the same time (yeah, that's possible, I've seen it pretty frequently). I ended up liking the direction I went in though, so blues it is. Next up is '84...


...guest starring Wrigleyville's answer to the Ball in Glove, the Bear with a Bat. Now onto '94...


heh, I coulda had a vest alt for '62 and blue for 94, but the Cuba script was the first thing I had in mind when I started. I'd actually also intended to do something with the armholes, but then it'd be too cluttered for my liking. Lastly, 2011...


There was a comment by a certain Cubs uniform on the main site (I'll leave it to you to find it) suggesting something for the Cubs akin to the Mets' snow whites. I pictured the idea in my head, and it seemed like good enough of an idea to make a few embellishments and be on my way.


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These all look really good, except for the third one. I'm just not a fan of the front. The second one is my favorite...that would make a great permanent road uni (with the current logos, of course). I do like the classic logos though for a throwback look. The last one is cool looking, but I wouldn't be able to stand my Cubbies at home without the pinstripes. Good job though, and I hope you do some more teams!

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