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A resounding NO on the current logo on a D. This has been tried way too many times on this board and it never works. It always looks like what you think it would, 2 separate logos thrown together that don't go together. Either modernize the old (give the Bronco in the old more of a new bronco look but keep the pose the same as in the old), tweak the new, or come up with something completely different.

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Hmm... I thought I was being original :P I don't have illustrator right now, but when I get it i plan on redesigning the bronco's some...

As for now!! The Denver Broncos!!!

I have kind of always considered the broncos whimsical... They are a fairly iconic franchise but I believe that the most iconic thing about them has been taken away... the Orange Crush! Now I know it's making a comeback and I'm totally excited to see it. One thing about the current denver logo's and uni set that is very important to the feel of it is points... If you look at the jersey now you will see of course the neck/collar point thing, I like that look... but I think they could improve on it. So what I did is I Pro combated that part of the jersey using the underarm insert and one going around the shoulder. It might look a bit like the Rams but I dont really think so... I also removed all pant striping. I really like solid pants and I think the broncos could pull it off. :)


Here the link to the Imgur album :)) Home you like 'em

Thanks for all the input and encouragement so far by the way. :)

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Alright!! The great proud classic Oakland Raiders! I tried to put in something that said toughness (biiiig letters) and classic (Lots of simple stripes). I didn't think I would like these as a primary at first but once I started working with them I really started to like the idea. What do you think?


Also: I'm going to keep using this template :P Unless it's going to lose me commenter's. I don't do striping very much but if I do something that needs to show more detail like that I'll take care of it!

thanks all!

Denver is up next!

I say lose the numbers on the sleeves and you got one hell of a jersey

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Okay guys! I'm not gonna work any more on Denver but I'm really excited to do the Chiefs!! I might take a bit to work on KC but I'll try and have them up this weekend sometime :)) Anybody want to see anything specific from them??

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Bump while I work on KC.


some yellow in the logo

keep it simple

Actually just working on that :))

Here's a quick home jersey using a new pattern that I'd like to incorporate into the logo, maybe an alt logo...

Anyways... What do you think? If i get bad feedback I'll eliminate this idea :P


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Hmm... No feedback yet. Not a very groundbreaking design though.

I'm gonna jump over to the NFC West now and tackle those four teams :) Starting with St. Louis.

I really appreciate your feedback guys. :) I'm excited to go through these teams!

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