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How Come There Are Never Any Marlins Concepts?


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I wonder why there haven't been many concepts for the new Miami Marlins in 2012. It would seem that you guys would want to do them because they are actually changing pretty much everything for 2012. The name will still be Marlins, but they have said they will alter the colors, logos, and uniforms. In Miami it's become pretty clear they will ditch the teal. I think they will still have some sort of sea-blue-ish color, but the teal is outdated and the owner has never liked it. There is also a lot of speculation that orange will be a part of the color scheme. Orange has been used very extensively in a lot of promotional materials about the team and the new ballpark.

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How come there are never any Marlins concepts?

Because the Marlins don't have fans.

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I don't think the Marlins have any reason to change. They've got a pretty passable, if not unimpressive, set. I don't see why they would need to go crazy redesigning it....especially if it involves red or blue.

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Concept explosions generally don't happen until some elements of a redesign have been leaked. At that point, everyone chips in with a way to do it better.

The Marlins have a good color palette now, but a horrible application of it. They wear too much black for being in Miami, they hardly use any teal because their dickbird owner doesn't like it, and they generally look the same as the White Sox.

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