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Columbus Blue Jackets fauxback


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Here are a few things about it you should notice...

-The alt logo had all of the silver shading removed. The logo and uniforms are only Navy and White.

-No lace up. Instead, I went with something even older: a 1930s style round neck collar.

-Striping style inspired by the 1934-35 Maple Leafs jerseys. It's similar but different at the same time.

-Star patterns on the shoulders inspired by the New York Americans style and the Blue Jackets own style.

-Ohio State traced on the arms with numbers in the middle. Inspired by the Cleveland Barons.

-The jerseys do not really have any civil war army uniform features.

-Something that will certainly please almost everyone: No vintage white!!


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It's ... good! I think you should make the thinnest stripes on the set a faded red just to spice it up a bit, but otherwise I dig it.

I like the two tone color look, but I also think people might like having a jersey with some red in it. Here's another version of it, with a slightly modified stripping pattern and hints of red.


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oh wow. now I'm torn. I really liked the blue-white option, which looks very old-school in its own right, but as per the phrase-of-the-month, it's not created in a vacuum, and does remind people of the leafs. I was going to recommend either switching to a thin-stripe option like the Maroons and Quakers used, or try something with fewer stripes simply to avoid leafs comparisons, and with the white sleeve-ends, it reminds me a little of nashville's third.

Now with this update, I'm blown away. The stripe pattern reminds me a little of the 80s North Stars, but at the same time has obvious differences.

The only way I can really describe it is like this: the first one is awesome in an "it looks like it would come out of a 30s photograph" way, and the second one looks like something we could see on the ice right now. Both are great, the first would be an awesome winter classic one-off jersey, the second would be a third jersey that many people would be pushing to become a home.

the logo looks great, though I recommend keeping the red out of it for the second concept.

great stuff, keep tweaking, you've got an amazing idea here. Oh, and put on a nameplate, Vancouver/LA might get away with that for one game, but the Jackets never could

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@ hockey week: What you said was pretty much what I was aiming for. So I guess I did a good job! Despite the Leafs comparisons, which were expected anyway, I gotta say think I think the two color look fits them well. It looks way more old school, the stars pop more, etc. I thought there were enough differences when compared the the old Leafs, but I understand how people feel.

@ HawkeyHouse: I made the second one because I knew alot of people would be asking for something with red in it.

@ MrCanadian999: No names, it would ruin the star pattern. They may not have a history of anything, but if they did, they would certainly look good. Which is why I went all-in with them! Notice that the jerseys don't even have the Captain's C.

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Nice work, especially with the red. If you can make it better, get rid of the circle/city/name, and enlarge the cannon. It would be a strong enough logo to stand alone without the circle. Reminds me of the AC DC cannon - which is good.

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I'll agree, the stars do get lost a bit in the three-color version, but the whole thing pops so much. It's really impressive. Great execution. What I'd like to see, to be honest, would be a full-uniform set, modeled on a player. I even think the blue-white version could work really well with white pants like the Flames used, and I'm usually fully against light-colored pants. The blue-white-red, a more usual red set of pants...maybe blue, idk, that would be your call.

As for names, I think it could be done rather effectively with white nameplates that are integrated into the stripe. Red names on white nameplates aligned with the stripes. Captaincy designations would work well also, I'm thinking within a square or some shape like the 50s Red Wings had the diamonds.

really, great stuff. I hope you keep going with this concept a bit, and I can't wait to see more fauxbacks in the future

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