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Springfield University Shamrocks


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So this is a concept that I put together for the fictional Springfield (Ma) University Shamrocks. I was going to wait to release this until the NCFA application process finished but since 90% of people on this forum hate me, I figure there's no chance and I should just do it now. I haven't put together an alternate uniform yet but I might depending on the feedback.

Just a few notes on this: I wanted the uniforms to be very conservative almost like Penn State or Notre Dame, so that's why they're kind of plain. I know that I left out the logo on the shoulder for the road uniforms so just disregard that.


Home Uniform

Road Uniform

And thanks to MJB for the template.

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I like the Irish colors, and the font isnt too bad. But, you could certainly use a shamrock. Its easy, simple, and certainly timeless. It would fit for exactly what youre going for. I would lose the black on the uniforms also, a white outline would look much better IMO, at least on the green jerseys.


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It's honestly a really boring concept. You didn't really create a logo, besides the wordmarks which took, what, all of maybe ten minutes tops? Also, the white jersey doesn't look like it goes with the helmet at all. Come up a logo for the team, besides the "SU". Get some creativity up in here.

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