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Broncos update


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When the Broncos anounced that they were going to wear thier orange jerseys as thier home jerseys for the 2012 football season, I was content with it. Since Nike will be taking over soon, I did a little update. I used the current bucking bronco and used the D in the script and sort of "remade" a classic, using the current color scheme. The uniforms are like the ones that they used to wear. This took about a week to finish and I only have paint so the curves on the jersey aren't perfect. other than that, I feel proud of this concept!

Logo & helment


Home uniform


Away uniform


Alt uniform


Looking at the alt., it looks like the Bears current uniform.

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Never been a fan of slapping their current alt logo into the old D. Huge downgrade from their current set.

The striping from jersey to pant is very inconsistent, there are no tv numbers, no nfl shield, generic number font, the D is rather boring with no serifs, etc. This needs a lot of work.

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Why not try using something free like Paint.NET or Inkscape? Both would let you produce much higher quality conceptual images.

I agree with you. Paint.NET and Inkscape would help me get better. The problem is that I'm not allowed to download new software on my computer because I still have to share it with my family. When I go to college, which will be next fall, I hopefully can download this on my OWN computer. But for right now, regular paint will have to do.

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Lots of comments here:

-Why is the D so pixelated?

-The stripes on the under-sleeves is a no go in my books. Can't rely on that to get shoulder stripes.

-You're mixing traditional with modern between the pants and jerseys, why? It's very disjointed.

-Fix the NOB.

-Numbers should be on one panel.

Needs a lot of work. And using MS Paint is not an excuse. See TylerBray8's concept series for proof.

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Finally, after 2 or 3 weeks, I finally have an update. So, her's what I did.

*Fix numbers

* Added current logo to pants, recolored

* Fixed NOB

* Fixed stripes on under-sleve

* Fixed logo and helment colors to match the original bucking bronco

After thinking about it, I decided against and alt. just because of it would look horrible. The current unis are taken after the 1991-1996 era. So, here's the update!

Logo and Helment


Home jersey


Away jersey


C&C again!

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