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High School concept


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Hey everyone-

I just finished up the logos and word mark I am donating to my high school. See what you think. The primary logo was originally derived from the Portland Pirates...just a different (head on) view, but I didn't like the pirate hat so I went with the bandana instead. I am not fully pleased with the mouth or the void on the forehead, but overall I'm pretty pleased. Let me know what you think but try to keep it niceish...it's my first post of any of my work!

C & P if necessary...


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Wow, I'm amazed. I admit it doesn't look like a "high school logo" but it's truely awesome!


Utah Jazz Retired Number's

#1 - Frank Layden - #7 Pete Maravich - #12 John Stockton - #14 Jeff Hornacek - #35 Darrell Griffith - #53 Mark Eaton

Retired Number's To Come

#00 The Bear (Best Mascot In NBA) - #4 Adrian Dantley - #32 Karl "The Mailman" Malone

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Sir, for a first-time poster and creator, I am impressed. You should consider making it a full-time job.

"I better go take a long walk off a short pier or something."

Some people on this bolard have told me to do just that.

My "Ron Mexico" alias is "Jon Tobago".

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I didn't notice the teeth until you mentioned it. It does look better. I also tried to make his head a little less lumpy...dang pen-tool with a mouse just isn't cutting it!

I'm going to try your beveling trick to the "Pirates" part of the word mark tonight to try to spice it up a bit. We'll see how she turns out!

thanks for the feedback and that 51's jersey is awesome! I'd buy one, as those are my favorite colors together!

tbro out-

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Unfortunately, I attended high school in the sticks of southern illinois...we didn't (and don't) even have football at my sleepy little county wide school of 200 students, so these will likely go on baseball, softball, and basketball jerseys and hopefully letterhead and such. I have, however, taken my logo hobby (obsession?) to a whole new level. I finally found a place that will do short runs of helmet decals (Cole Thompson at A & E Design in Canada), so I have created a fantasy helmet for my high school, my wife's high school (same conference w/ no football either) and my junior college (no football team there either). The PC helmet turned out nice. It is metallic burgundy w/ a black facemask and black padding/chinstrap. It has a Broncos-style center stripe in black on the big center and silver/gray on the two smaller flanking scallops. The logo I had made was pretty much a re-worked but ripped off Portland Pirates logo. THe more I looked at it, the more I knew I had to create something totally new so that I could legally offer it to my school and also sleep easy at night knowing I wasn't a logo stealer :)

I want to bevel the word art...at least the "Pirates" script and the "PC" in the secondary mark first, but I plan on ordering a new set of both the Pirate head and the PC-sword logo to try out on my existing Pope County helmet. I now have a collection of over 30 full size helmets from all the schools I've attended and/or worked at, all the schools my wife has attended and/or worked at, and the few pro teams I've worked with, too. Hands down though, my favorites are the original "tbro designed" fantasy helmets for schools that don't even have programs...they always start conversations. You guys should try it...it really takes this crazy hobby to a whole new level of satisfaction! I'll try to post a digital pic of the helmet tomorrow for all to see.

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