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My Pittsburgh Penguins Concept


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The italic in the 'C' is a little unnecessary, and not really sure it should go on top of the piping. Also, not feeling the pinstripe, maybe it's just me but I don't think that's really a hockey thing (still, I'm not sure if it'll look a little plain with just gold on the other side and grey on the other, so keep the pinstripe if you don't have a better idea). I usually don't like gradient, but it looks alright in this concept. However, keep in mind that when a player wears the jersey there will be a shadow anyway, and the gradient will accent that and thus the bottom will be really dark. I would also change the gradient on the right sleeve (looking from front) the same way it is on the left one (as well as maybe removing the thin white stripe). For a user that's new to the boards, this is a really great start, at least better than my first post. Good start and welcome!

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I actually do like the thought behind this one, though it doesn't look as good when you actually see it. Maybe like the original version that inspired this it would grow on people over time.

I agree, the vertical pinstriped panel looks out of place on this. But on the whole Im not saying I dislike it, maybe it would take some getting used to. Although in full disclosure I say this as someone who thought the original was the best looking jersey the Pens have worn to date.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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