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Arizona Cardinals


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Where to begin.....

The Cardinals have more of a "futuristic" look with their current uniform set. Some of the elements from that set were kept around in the alternate you will see shortly.

First off, the colors. Taking a page from the Saint Louis Cardinals, the black is replaced with a deep navy blue. I feel that this not only makes the logo pop a little more, but also allows for a better accent color. The red and yellow are also darkened ever so slightly.

On to the uniforms we go. With the primary set, I took an element from a look that was used by the team for a majority of their existence. The sleeve, sock, and pant stripes all come from the uniforms in the 1980's. With the home set, I had two sets in my mind...the first was a white sleeve that kept the color pattern matching the pants. I ended up inversing the white and red to create a more consistent look because the white sleeves stood out too much on the red jersey. The away jersey is the one that inspired the whole set. The only problem was that to create the double striping seen on the socks on the sleeves the lines became so smooshed together that they were barely visible. For that reason the primary set has only the single set of stripes on the sleeves. Also added as a "Nike" element is the sublimated sunburst and star behind the numbers on the back.

The alternate is what will probabily draw the most responses. The base color is the deep navy blue, similar to the black the currently use. The shoulder stripe comes from one of the first uniforms the team ever wore in Chicago. The side panels that match the shoulder stripe come from the current set. I felt that these two elements (when kept the same size) would help the uniform flow.

With more teams tending to turn to their roots for new looks, the Cardinals could take the field in something like this.


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Well good, you only used one of the ideas I had for the NFL concept championships. I like the idea on the navy blue, but it wouldn't work on that logo large scale-- and believe me, they use it very large around the stadium. On a smaller scale, I think it would work, but otherwise it would look odd, IMO. And I'm not so sold on that third, the striping just looks odd.

Another minor thing you should do to add to the finished product: NFL shields and Nike logos. Looks bare without them right now, haha.

It's a nice start that can really turn into something nice with some minor changes, IMO. Good work.

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If you're not going to have TV numbers, why not use vertical sleeve stripes on all jerseys? I think that's where we're headed anyway, with sleeves being non-existent and the broadcast quality rendering TV numbers nearly obsolete (though I'm sure spotters and actual TV guys might argue that.) The vertical stripes are going to be the only way that some teams can cling to their distinct patterns.

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