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Record by Uniform in MLB


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I'm obviously very interested in baseball uniforms, and I'll admit I can be a bit superstitious at times. So as I'm watching the World Series, I started to wonder: how well have the Rangers done wearing certain uniform combinations (red caps vs. blue caps, etc.)? And, on top of that, what about all the other teams in the league?

For example, the 2011 Texas Rangers:

Regular season record (postseason record)*

jfwjptesurwhcdvd0jtz75x81.gif16-13 (0-1) tag2fmlp047fjvnn3gwgr80u3.gif8-1 (6-0) rokb8cqt7lqjbsgk99tv3sbhl.gif22-21 (3-1) cjej7sxg4ghgnoeju2jcszhka.gif25-13 (0-1) a0phgwo94ricsis7h7o8qfeeg.gif23-18 (1-2)

* the team went 2-0 wearing the MLB-issued patriotic caps

This would be a project right up my alley, but I must ask: is this being done already? I certainly don't want to waste my time using someone else's idea. And yes, the Rangers should wear grey in St. Louis for Game 6.

BTW, post 9-9-9!

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I'm assuming your blue jersey count includes it being worn with gray pants? If your count is correct, they only wore it at home three to four times.

Oh, and this just illustrates how much of a cluster :censored: the Rangers' uniforms are. I would say they are among the worst in baseball today. It's a shame to hear they won't have new jerseys for next season after doing fan surveys and whatnot last year. They need to get rid of the black, choose either red or blue to be the primary and put Rangers back on the home jerseys. Aside from the red hat looking horribly out of place with the blue-lettered home jersey, you can't have your team looking like two distinctively different teams depending on the day of the week.

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Real interesting idea.

And, on top of that, what about all the other teams in the league?

how would one go about finding this without watching every single game from the season? or did i just answer my own question?

MLB.com photo galleries, Getty Images, Yahoo! Sports, etc...

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