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South Dakota Legislature Discussing Changing the State Flag


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Here is a proposed design done by artist Dick Termes at least 20 years ago. (Termes is the creator of the Termesphere, check it out sometime)


It is meant to show unity between the Native American population and Anglos. Also, it still incorperates the sun feature that has been used for years.

Current for comparison:


Old (1909) for comparison:


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The Termes design would be a massive improvement over the current look. I don't much like the very subtle color differences in the blues or the thin black outlines, but those are minor complaints compared to the current mess they use. I would hope they'd open it up for more design submissions, though.

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yea, not sure of the creation date on that "sunshine state" one. Sioux time travelers?

i like the Termes design. colors and line work need work, but its a solid start. theres so many blue and yellow state flags with a seal in the middle, most of them just become irrelevant. cant tell the difference from one to the next

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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