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Some are great, others aren't.

Looks like they're all on dribbble, which I still can only view as a prospect.

I'll echo that sentiment. Some of those designers don't really catch my eye.

I just got into the Dribbble game too. Also just a prospect.

I'll echo the echoed sentiment.

Also...I keep seeing and hearing about this Dribble thing, so I checked it out--what's the setup all about? And how does one get in? I saw options for players, rookies, and prospects (I'm also doing this through an Android, so I may just not be able to see everything). I've never really joined into anything like this...wonder if my stuff is up to snuff??

*Disclaimer: I am not an authoritative expert on stuff...I just do a lot of reading and research and keep in close connect with a bunch of people who are authoritative experts on stuff. 😁

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To get in, you have to make an account as a prospect, and then you can get "drafted" by a member. It's pretty much just a place to showcase your work, I really enjoy it and I think most others do too. It's cool to see a lot of different styles and get feedback from other designers who have a different style than you.

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