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Minor League Football - Discussion and Logos


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I did this same exercise independently, and I love that I stumbled upon this board that had the same general idea. Here is my concept league (along with metro populations) ... very much agree with staying away from markets that already have NFL franchises. Note: I also steered clear of any Canadian market that already had a CFL team for similar reasons. Did my best to not have a location too close to another (opted out of Austin since there is already San Antonio, etc.). I gave a little more weight to markets that have proven they can support upper level minor league baseball, hockey or basketball.

Take any visuals as high-level, not as final designs. I'm also very much a traditionalist. Good names: Bears, Bulls, Tigers, etc. Bad names: Wild, Shock, RubberDucks ... you may also notice that I borrowed heavily from defunct baseball nicknames.


Division A

Richmond Virginians (1.232 mil)

Hartford Blues (1.214 mil)

Syracuse Generals (0.661 mil)

Scranton Wilkes-Barre Barons (0.564 mil)

Division B

Oklahoma City Outlaws (1.297 mil)

Omaha Mustangs (0.886 mil)

Wichita Aeros (0.636 mil)

Des Moines Demons (0.589 mil) — substitute St. Louis if Rams franchise is moved.

Division C

Louisville Colonels (1.251 mil)

Birmingham Americans (1.137 mil)

Knoxville Knights (0.848 mil)

Greenville Spinners (0.843 mil)

Division D

Portland Beavers (2.290 mil)

Sacramento Senators (2.196 mil)

Fresno Condors (0.948 mil)

Boise Pioneers (0.638 mil)


Division A

Columbus Archers (1.944 mil)

Milwaukee Badgers (1.567 mil)

Grand Rapids Rangers (1.006 mil)

Toledo Bullfrogs (0.609 mil)

Division B

San Antonio Toros (2.234 mil)

Memphis Rivermen (1.342 mil)

Albuquerque Dukes (0.902 mil)

Little Rock Capitals (0.718 mil)

Division C

Orlando Flyers (2.224 mil)

Raleigh Oak Leafs (1.189 mil)

Charleston Rebels (0.697 mil)

Cape Coral (FL) Pelicans (0.645 mil) — substitute Jacksonville if Jaguars franchise is moved.

Division D

Las Vegas Mavericks (2.001 mil)

Salt Lake City Stars (1.124 mil)

Tucson Wranglers (0.992 mil)

El Paso Kings (0.831 mil)


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