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What Did You Just Realize? (Sports Edition)


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So I went to the Raiders Cardinals game last night and saw that the Raiders have the head and shoulders lead on Hall of Shame quarterbacks.

Carson Palmer

Matt Leinart

Terrelle Pryor

Rhett Bomer Apparently he's already been cut, but still

But then it hit me. the Raiders currently have two Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks from USC. When, if ever, was the last time a team had two Heisman winners from the same school as their starter and their backup?

He is still in the league? I just realized that!

And I done just completely forgot all about Terrelle Pryor. Did he get drafted by the Raiders or another team? (I don't remember.)

Wonder how he feels about Cam Newton's success, being that he was supposed to be Cam Newton before Cam Newton was, well, "Cam Newton".....

(Not to mention being stuck behind two former "golden boy" QB's....)

He was picked up in the supplemental draft by the Raiders last year in the 3rd Round.

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Posted in the other thread, but no country uses purple for their national teams

The Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team (yes, they are recognized by FIL as their own nation, as a nod to the sport's origins) wears purple jerseys.

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That the career MLB homerun record (let's keep the politics out of this) is 762.

I love baseball and go to a few games a year, but I simply don't immerse myself with seasonal and career stats like I did when I was a kid. I couldn't tell you a single Braves player's stats for this season, but I do know they're in the Wild Card #1 spot right now.

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