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LOGOLYMPIAD 2012 - Closing Ceremonies


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LOGOLYMPIAD 2012 is now over! It's now time to hand out banners for the top three.


We have a tie for the third place! alexo, with a gold and a silver, and officeglenn, with a gold and 2 bronze medals, share this year's bronze banner!


The silver banner goes to Don_Kay, with 1 gold and 2 silver medals!


And the winner of Logolympiad 2012 is Rayman, with 2 golds and 1 silver! Congratulations!

I still want to hear from you! What did you like from this year's edition? Did the improvements made after last year's edition help?

A big thanks to all 33 participants in this year's contest, and to everyone who took the time to vote for your favorite entries!

Four times IHL Nielson Cup Champions - Montréal Shamrocks (2008-2009 // 2009-2010 // 2012-2013 // 2014-2015)

Five times TNFF Confederation Cup Champions - Yellowknife Eagles (2009 CC VI // 2010 CC VII // 2015 CC XII // 2017 CC XIV // 2018 CC XV)

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First off I want to thank you for hosting this event. This was the first year I viewed/participated in this contest so I can't really say what I like more or less from this year vs last year. The only thing I would would like to change is for you not to be as strict in being disqualified again I know rules are rules but for some events it was more ridiculous than others. What I suggest is either email back the person to resubmit it for the corrections which wouldn't take 5 minutes to email, or let the disqualified submission be able to be voted on but they can't get a higher medal than bronze. I personally liked the events that had less to do with sports than the ones with sports such as the company logo (though this is my preference). Lastly I want to thank everyone who voted and I am honored to win this years LogOlympid.

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This is my first year to even be on the boards, so this was all new to me. I enjoyed the interesting twists in each event. And going up against such stiff competition, I considered just having someone voting for me reason enough to be proud. Kind of like a tiny Caribbean country in the Olympics.

I think that the guidelines and disqualifications were completely within reason. It ensures a level playing field (sports pun unintended). It's not that hard. To compete in anything, you have to follow the rules, if you don't follow the rules, you don't get to compete. That's life.

And I think maintaining some level of professionalism and consistency in things like size of image (it's not that hard to resize an image...), backgrounds, etc is simply good practise for a graphic designer. In the real world, a designer doesn't just slap things up however they want; there are standards to follow. As someone who will never become a professional designer, I like the idea that contests like this help me to "play" professional designer for a little bit.

My main frustration was that there were a number of events that I started submissions for that I had to abandon because schoolwork got in the way (pesky schoolwork....). However, I think the pace and schedule were reasonable; there's only so much that can be done.

What I appreciated most about doing Logolympiad was that it forced me out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges I wouldn't ordinarily give myself.

Thank you, pollux, for all your hard work on putting all this together.






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