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Carolina Panthers Concept


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So it has come to my attention that the Panthers are in need of a change. Too much going on and not enough fabric for it to work. Sure it can be considered a modern classic, but the truth of the matter is, this is 2012 and jerseys are a lot smaller than they were when Carolina first came into the league. So with that being said, i give you my concept for the Carolina Panthers.

My vision includes a matte helmet. and simple, but bold, striping that can still work on todays templates.






Let me know what you guys think!

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I see where you guys are coming from. I just think its time for a simple update while still keeping it professional looking.

Their current duds are just too busy for me. This would add a lot of consistency and I think it would match well with their new logos/wordmark which are a little less busy than the previous.

I also think the striping pattern I chose still says panthers, but just a little less 90s.

Thanks for the feedback though homies!

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The concept is good, but it just seems incomplete. The striping is odd and I don't like how there's no outline on the numbers. I like where you're going, though. Keep working on it!

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