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Northwoods League Logo Concept


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Last summer, I worked for a team in the Northwoods League, a collegiate summer wood bat baseball league. The upcoming season will be their 20th, and I thought that the league logo could use a bit of a refresh.

I wanted to keep the spirit of the old logo, while simplifying it a bit and making it a bit easier to reproduce across various media (particularly embroidery):


I know it has a bit of a North Stars vibe, but I feel like it's unique enough in concept to differentiate between the two. Also, this is not an actual proposal for the league, just a bit of free-time fun.


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Guest darkpiranha

I realize that, but I think the awkwardness comes from it just looking like the tree is falling over, plus you get a weird conflict where the baseball star element is moving up to the right, while an equally dominant arrow shape (the tree) is pointing upwards to the left.

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