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Ok, so I'm sure every Sens fan here, and most moderately inclined NHL fans, has heard about spezza getting back surgery, and will be out for at least two months. Of course, the worst news out of all of this is that he's on my team in my hockey pool. :lonely:

I kid, but this is bad news for Sens nation and the team. Questions come up like:

Can Anderson keep up his good play as of late?

Will Turris and Michalek produce without him?

Can Latendresse step up?

Will the poutine lines get any shorter?

and will Zibanejad and Condra play well through the stretch?

Keep in mind that this is not the only senators woe, with Lundin and Cowen missing from the blue-line. Which was perceived to be one of the leagues weakest, although they are showing otherwise. With especially good play from Methot, Benoit, and Boroweicki. [i know I didn't spell that right]

All of those questions headlined above will affect Ottawa's point total as much as a healthy spezza; yes, including the poutine for fan moral. But Spezza keys in on a lot of those (he cooks right?)

The sens might also need to shuffle their lines a bit, here's my taking:

Greening - Turris - Michalek

Alfredsson - O'Brien - Silferberg

Condra - Smith - Neil

Latendresse - Zibanejad - Regin

I predict spezza misses 28 games, coming back on April 2nd against Boston. Ottawa goes 14-10-4 and stays in a playoff spot.

What's your take or prediction on this?

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If we're posting our person Jason Spezza stories here

and honestly, who among us doesn't have a Jason Spezza story, I mean

Years ago when I was running my EHM FHL as GM/Commish, we had a GM that tried to trade him along with the other stars on the team for AHL scrubs and some 5th's. This led to the trades being canceled and a trade review board in place to review trades. Naturally he pulled the butthurt poster act, blaze of glory posts and subsequent termination as gm.

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Just like they had all regular season in 2003-04, the Senators would've destroyed the Lightning had they met in the playoffs.

Thanks, Leafs.

(btw, I would say the 2006 team was even better than the 2003 or 2004 teams that were bogged down by the Dead Puck Era. But, per modern day NHL norms, the best team usually fizzles out some time in April.)

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With Spezza out it looks like this season will hinge on the play of Anderson. Luckily he has still yet to allow a goal after the first period so I think they're in alright shape. While some people have been calling for a rental player to come in and take some of the pressure off (I've heard Weiss's name being thrown around), I would rather keep all the young guys and stay the course. I'm counting on increased production from Turris, Regin, Condra, Smith, & O'Brien, plus good rookie campaigns from Silfverberg and Zibanejad to make up for the loss of Spezza. Latendresse could still have a productive year but I'm not counting on it. As long as Karlsson keeps playing the way he's been, I don't see why they won't be a playoff team.

And Kramerica you're right about the 2006 team being the best Sens team ever. If only Hasek hadn't gone to the Olympics.

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Remember when the Senators had Alfredsson, Spezza, Havlat, Hossa, Chara, Redden, Volchenkov, Phillips, Fisher, and last but not least the immortal Shaun Van Allen? What a team that was. I hate that they lost to New Jersey in '03.

I'd rather have had my Mighty Ducks play those Sens that year than those muck-a-puck Devils.

But Ottawa treated us fairly nice in 2007 :D

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