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  1. Okay two things the Lakers had more coverage this year as Losing team than the clippers did a winning won (excluding the sterling situation) and the only time I've seen Ducks coverage on in non NHL primary sources was during the Kings-Ducks series which is sad because they realy are a good team and deserve more than they get. This is some terrible grammar right here.
  2. Trading for a 37 year old defenseman who is still pretty good is not a bad move, considering they only gave up a 5th round pick. Obviously they need to develop D for the future, but Boyle will definitely help in the next year or two, if he does sign.
  3. McGuire might not be a bad hire, he might do well.
  4. Definitely an upgrade over what they currently have. Pretty nice. If you want, you could maybe explore with some different number fonts. The number font they use right now is kind of bland.
  5. Yeah, the only time religion is brought up is when it pertains to a Sports related issue, or in The Lounge, a current events issue. I'm sure if somebody created a "Bible Study" thread or something of the like, it would be taken down. Anyways, back to hockey! Sorry Lee, I was just trying to defend myself.
  6. Yeah, I apologize for getting this thread off topic, but I wasn't the only one involved. The Mods can move these posts to where ever they want, I don't mind.
  7. Show me a thread about religion. The only thing I can recall are threads involving LGBT issues, which lead to certain religious posters posting hateful comments towards members of the LGBT community. Hell, even the political thread got tossed a long, long time ago. EDIT: And FWIW, my Dad came from a Christian family (he even went to parochial school for grades K-8), and my Mother came from a Jewish family. These are all my beliefs, and no, I'm not a satanists or anything (even though I have nothing against satanists, as most people don't even understand the point of their philosophies.), I'm simply an atheist who is slightly an anti-theist.
  8. Double post. I see the board wasn't working for a second there...
  9. First off, I edit my posts to add information, not to make you look bad, because I have no idea when you're going to reply. I'm not trying to make fun of him, I'm trying to prove a point. There are plenty of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, etc. on this forum who don't flaunt their beliefs, and I have no problem with them. But if somebody is going to flaunt their beliefs, I'm going to get pissed as this is supposed to be a secular website. I realize I'm doing the same thing as him now, but in reverse, and I see the hypocrisy in that, but if somebody's going to flaunt their beliefs, then I will flaunt mine. EDIT: Let's say it was 9/11 all over again. If somebody posted the Islamic Star and Crescent, I'm sure some would find it offensive.
  10. It's in protest of mr.nascar using a Cross as his avatar. Plus I like Metal.
  11. Read the rest of my post. I have the right to say whatever I want on this forum, as long as I obey the rules of the forum. Of course, people have the right to use a cross as their avatar, but then I have the right to use whatever I'd like as my avatar, as long as it isn't against forum rules (which I'm guessing prohibits anything pornographic, etc.). If you're offended by my avatar or by any of my posts, you have the option to ignore them.
  12. I can do what I want, you. If somebody can use a god damn cross as their avatar, I can use an upside down Pentagram as mine. The cross is the symbol for a religion that has indirectly lead to the killing of millions of people, has taught people to hate one another, and has caused more grief for this world than any other organization. Have you heard of the Spanish Inquisition, for example? How would you like it if somebody came to you and said, "Hey, if you don't believe in what I believe, I will kill you!"?