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Hi fellow designers!

I've been working on a new logo for a friend of mine who is putting together a historical reference book of a local soccer team here in Western Australia. It's basically going to be a collection of articles and figures covering the history of the club back to 1996. At least that's what I'm lead to believe...something like that.

So I came up with a bunch of sketches of different concepts, narrowed it down with consultation from the author and went forth from there. Here's what I've come up with so far..


We both decided that using the outline of the state of Western Australia was the way to go, so I did that using a graphic element of sunbursts that can be seen in the various incarnations of the club's logo:


I didn't want to replicate the use of the sunbursts to literally, so I felt I should keep away from using them in a radial manner, but have them there to trigger the connection. This is not an official publication of the club, so I don't want to treat too closely to their brand if you know what I mean.

The client (friend, author....I'm trying to sound professional here) wants a good mix of orange and purple (the clubs colours) but I've become grown to the two tone purple thing I have going on so far. I'm thinking that the text will be predominately orange to satisfy that request, but I'm really at a loss as to what kind of font I should be going for. It's a history reference book, so I don't want anything that looks too cartoony - I want it to look sophisticated, but bold enough to match the shape of the logo. Should it be a serif or sans serif? By the way the main text he wants is 'EST.1996' with the subheading to be 'New Football Begins'. (I think the subheading should be in some kind of scripted font).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is what I have so far not as good as what I think it is? I've been staring at this (and slight variations of this as I've been working on it) for hours. I need a second and third opinion. Cheers!

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Looks good so far...just one question, what's up with the western part of Australia? As you see, I'm from the U.S, but the space suppose to be there or are you planning on adding something in between there?

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I like. I think it might look more like one cohesive logo if you connect the parts, making the area where the title goes much lighter.

I see your thinking, however I purposely avoided having a solid shape as a logo; rather splicing it in half to incorporate the title while giving it an artistic flair.

I've quite literally just spent probably about 5 hours in total over the last 2 days searching for a suitable font that works for this design and I think I may have it. Sommet Serif:


Now I need to look for a font for the subheading....

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This is what I've done so far. It's 90% there IMO but I'm not totally happy with it. Do any of you have any opinions/suggestions? Obviously you would and I'd love to hear them.

One thing I am considering is putting in a soccer ball somewhere in the logo, but I don't want it to make the logo look tacky. Almost include it in a way that is quite subtle and fits with the logo...not some literal representation of a ball if you know what I mean.

Or maybe no ball at all...


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What if you used the shape you have as a section of the ball? Similar to what the NASL does with their logo.

The other (typically black) sections could have the same styling, but more geometric. I would say use the Western Australia shape as the center section, or at least the left half of the center section. You would essentially be seeing half of an oversized ball on the cover.

Edit: here's the NASL logo I was talking about.


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^heh, interesting. Never seen that logo before.

I've taken some of your suggestions on board and will try and see if any of them work. It's so annoying being pleased with how it looks, yet unhappy with certain elements of it and not being confident on how to correct them. Very frustrating. Then again is that just what designing is? Not being totally happy with your work and always thinking it could have been better? Or is it just me....

The EST.1996 banner just looks a bit.....awkward. Just needs something reworked but I don't know what.

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Ok I've spent a bit more time with it and come up with what I think works. I've ignored trying to include a soccer ball all together as I feel it cheapens the logo somewhat, and I also just couldn't figure out a way to do it well! I added the orange box because I was worried that the logo would get lost if it were used on a background other than white. I think the orange works quite well anyway - it really makes it pop.



Also does anyone know why my image after this last save has become a bit cloudy? It's like I have a layer of opacity over the whole thing...its set to RGB and I haven't done anything differently?

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