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Padres redesign... (Bring back the brown!)


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I am a huge San Diego Padre fan and amongst my many complaints about my team is their boring uniforms. Brown and mustard are the colors that the Friars should be wearing. Despite what some think, brown and mustard can look classy (maybe this can get in front of the eyes of the Padres owners). Without further ado here is my first attempt at a Padres brown and mustard redesign... (note i just did this on microsoft paint so i am looking for more recommendations about the grand scheme rather than the fine details as i am not terribly experienced on any other graphic design software, but feel free to critique).


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Congrats on your first post!

For me, I think the brown should be darker or the yellow lighter. The alternate just looks a little too muddled for me. It could be my laptop too it's not the greatest in the world.

I like smooth fonts for nameplates instead of block/serifed fonts, which makes me a huge hypocrite being a 49ers fan.

I really like the return of the old-school "padres" chest logo. Awesome.

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