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Original design sketches for WWE wrestlers


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I mentioned this in the current WWE thread, but I'll repeat it here...

I thought it was interesting that some of the Adam Bomb concepts had "Ring Master" on them, which ended up going to Steve Austin (the name, anyway). I'm curious how often this happens, and if there's some giant bank of gimmicks they have stored away somewhere.

And man, what a waste Max Moon turned out to be. That suit was really planned out for a gimmick that didn't last long at all.

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Konnan was Max Moon????? I had no idea til I looked it up. It looks nothing like him in the images (though he is wearing a modified cowl). Man.


That's because the man in the pic is Paul Diamond. Konnan never played Max Moon on screen, he had an argument or something like that and left. Since Diamond fit the suit he got in as Max Moon. That's why the name "Charles" (Konnan's real name) was scratched off.

Edit: He did play Max Moon on-screen but only had 3 matches.

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My two favorites are Razor Ramon looking like a villain from "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" and "Stargate" Dustin Runnels.

"Stargate" Cody Rhodes would have worked. But not Dustin, there would have been a Samba Simba moment there.

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