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Rams Logo Redo 2005/2013


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Back in 2005 I did a logo for a school out in Pennsylvania, got a little payment, but then after a while didn't think about. I did a Google search to find they are still using it prominently on their hockey jerseys, which is pretty cool. They don't use it for other sports that I could confirm. In the 2005 image you can see it, albeit small, on jerseys, and even some t-shirts.

While I am ok with that logo, there are parts of it that always bothered me. I also always wanted to "toughen" it or at least give it a sleeker look. The bottom picture is what I came up with as a result.

The difference in the faces are very radical, but don't let that mix you up. The first logo has both eyes kind of forced on there, while the update puts the right eye where it should be. The eye on the right then wouldn't be seen. I also darkened the blue... just because I wanted to. The new logo works in other color combos, too.





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very cool man, and much better. as much as i love the "demon ram" look, its probably going to be a bit more appropriate with pupils. it dosent have to be very detailed, just put a circle in the eye. and, i probably say this to everyone, but thicken that outer key stroke or lose it. you want it to be bold, and powerful looking, not wimpy, girly trim.




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Thanks, guys. I made a change to the width of the ram, which gives it a beefier presence. I haven't worked out the eye just yet, but as you can see, it's in progress.

Brandon, I do actually agree with you on the outline stroke. It's thin because of the darker colors. I'm trying to keep the wordmark from looking like a blob from any distance. A lighter color, like shown in the inset, can allow you a thicker line. Heck, it's a concept, so I suppose I can do both ways.


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