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All Canada concept....


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OK, explanation: I was gonna enter Discrimihater's contest, but then reread the rules when I was done, and it had to be one team. So, keeping in mind it is a concept, and I couldn't find a high quality TO logo (I just used Chris's), be prepared for an assault on your senses(If anyone's done this before, I apologize). Thanks to RC for the numbers and STL for the template:


In case you don't recognize it....

Canucks: Jersey colour

Oilers: Numbers

Flames: Shoulder Patches

Leafs: Logo(It's an all-Canada team, I had to use a leaf... :P )

Sens: Bottom/Sleeve stripe

Canadiens: The signature chest stripe

Pretty messed up, eh? :flagcanada: And yes, I'm crap at Photoshop... :D

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My first thought?


My second thought?

That's pretty creative. I think the Oilers and Canucks are a little under-represented (I wouldn't have guessed that those were the Oilers' numbers, or the base color for the Canucks' jerseys if you hadn't said so.

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But the best part of the Oilers' jersey is the number font!

Agreed...I can't find much else that's very special about the Oilers' jerseys.

I smell a concept...and it smells like mine.

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I was even thinking of doing a '94 version, with a "GOALS FOR KIDS" Jets patch on one of the shoulders instead of a Flames patch, and 3 Fleur de lis on the bottom instead of the bottom stripe.

Of course, then I'd have to change the Canucks to black.

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