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So i’ve been following this website for quite a long time now and let me say there is some amazing work on here. Ive decided to finally go ahead and throw out some of my conceptual ideas. So I decided to make some HydroChromed helmets since this is the new fad in college football. Let me know what you guys think, all c&c is appreciated. The Arkansas helmet would be HydroChromed with the nice shine, but was hard to present with the real tree camo texture. Also the yellow helmet with the wing is not oregon it is the University of Charleston in WV, there mascot is the golden eagles. It’s a small d2 school that i attended.

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How would a double digit number work inside the ohio state O?

That was the only issue I had with OSU. I originally had the numbers white so they would stand out because that would be close to the only way you could see a double digit number. Here is the concept with the white numbers. And also with the red chrome numbers just smaller.


Really nice work. Got more helmet views besides the one you have here?

At this moment I do not, but by the end of the weekend I will probably have a frontal view

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these are fabulous - are you taking request?

Kansas-BB-banner.png My-son-Soldier-banner.png

Kansas City Scouts (CHL) Orr Cup Champions 2010, 2019, 2021         St. Joseph Pony Express (ULL)  2023 Champions     Kansas City Cattle (CL)

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Alright Finally i got to do these, I got extremely busy with work and haven’t had anytime to do anymore concepts but here they are hope you like them. Also to answer lancealot’s questions i will release the template but in time, I need to perfect it and clean a couple of things up before i release it. Im also working on a couple of other views such as the front view and also a full jersey release, but that will be in time. I will keep you all updated, but for now enjoy and keep send me requests and i’ll get them done.

I'd love to see a green Miami one with this logo on it.



These are pretty good. Think you can do one similar to the helmet in my profile pic?

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