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San Diego Padres Possibly To Get New Uniforms


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Very simple solution:

Main color: Brown

Trim color: Gold (either metallic or yellow-gold)

No Pinstripes!

No Roundel logo

The logo should be the swinging friar with "Padres" above.

SD on cap should be gold.

Shoes: Black or Brown

No "Taco" uniforms!

SD logo on left chest of road Gray jersey

Swinging Friar logo on left sleeve of all jerseys!

There, problem solved! Play Ball!

Make the shoes white and throw in a gold bell-shaped front panel cap as alt or BP, and sounds like the perfect set.

See that makes it start drifting into "Taco Bell" land. Front panel caps are questionable at best anyway, but the bell shaped gold panel is atrocious. Might as well ask for a cruch wrap supreme patch on the other arm while you're at it.

No best choice the Pads could make it to go with what their best team in franchise history wore... the '98 set.

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1978 set with the white pants is probably my favourite look for the Padres. May be a little over the top for many.

Almost anything from 1974-1979 would be great. Some earlier looks or anything up to 1982 would be my 2nd choice.

1998 is better than what they have had recently (which isn't saying much) but doesn't do a lot for me. Generic, dull, boring are three words that spring to mind when looking at the main uniforms they have the last while.

Agree with Silver Shamrock's earlier post. They should at least use a brown uniform as an alternate.

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