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Fulham FC Crest Concept


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So, it's well documented that Ray Hudson, now a color commentator on bein sport, loved the old Fulham crest and HATES the newer one, so I tried to find a happy medium. Taking some old elements while keeping it as simple as possible, which was clearly the original intention, proved to be difficult but I like where it's gone.

Hudson on FFC



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Nice use of the cottage wood design at the top of your crest. I recognised it instantly for what it was, which is always a positive sign. I would possibly extend it to the full width of the shield, as this is probably more recognisable as Fulham than the cross and swords nowadays.

I am not too keen on the grey horizontal stripes, I do not think they add anything to the crest and horizontal stripes can be associated with nearby QPR,.

I would also be interested to see what the sword handles look like in black, as the gold is not featured anywhere else. I know you took it from the old crest like that though.

I think the banner/motto could be larger (as well as wider). Right now the Fulham FC is difficult to read in the #takemeback picture and this is the kind of scale that this logo would be used in for a lot of web/print applications.

Overall I rate this 9/10. I have given a lot of C+C, don't think they are all criticisms.

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I would make the white lines around the sides of the inner shield connect to the outermost lines of the cottage wood part of the logo, it will help bring the individual pieces together. I think I might take out one of the 'furls' on each side of the banner as well. It won't stick out so far that way.

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