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Boston Bruins Winter Classic uniform concept


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I love the Cream and Brown together rather than the Heritage White (the difference isn't great). The Cream compliments the Brown better as it's a very light shade of Brown.
I hope the Caps don't wear a red version of there previous Winter Classic jersey. Maybe if they could fuse their 90's jerseys with the 70's ones and current colours... change it up. Anyway, I really like the Bruins jersey!

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I'd lighten the jersey color a bit to be more along the lines of the SF Giants cream color. Other than that I really like it!

Thanks! I just used the official color of the rangers classic jerseys.

My only beef with it in this instance is that it doesn't contrast enough with the Yellow, and in turn muddies the color scheme a bit. It's not a huge thing, just the only thing that sticks out to me.

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