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National Basketball League of Canada -- Western Expansion


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I am a bit new to Concepts, but I am going to make some Basketball Teams.

I noticed that the new National Basketball League of Canada has no western teams, so I will make some.


Vancouver Grizzlies

Calgary Cowboys

Saskatoon Slam

Edmonton Drillers

Winnipeg Thunder

+More (Suggestions are welcome)

First off the Vancouver Grizzlies




Home Jersey


Away Jersey

C&C welcome

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Calgary Crush (current ABA team)

Edmonton Energy (current IBL team)

Kelowna Grizzlies (Kelowna is Okanagan for "grizzly bear")

Lethbridge Miners (for its entire history, coal has been abundant there)

Moose Jaw Attack (a moose's jawbone is a VERY powerful weapon)

Red Deer Trappers (city was established as a trading post)

Regina Royals

Saskatoon Slam

Vancouver Orcas

Victoria Voltage

Winnipeg Thunder

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I like the thought of bringing back the Vancouver Grizzlies, but I don't think you should use their Memphis logo/colors for this concept. My suggestion would be to revamp the classic Grizz logos and colors.

I was using Canucks Colours, but I will use that as a Third

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