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BucksFan5's Madden Contest Entry(s)


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Since EA is allowing public design entries for their made up teams, I decided i would enter a few. Since I am from Columbus, I went with the Columbus team first. Cities around Columbus are very air force oriented. Rickenbacker Airport and Wright-Patterson Air Force base are the main military bases. So because of the Air Force presence, i chose (from the list of names) The Aviators. I also tried to tie them together with the blue jackets and Columbus clippers(the Indians farm team). They both have similar colors being Navy blue and the lighter blue. So thats that.


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I like it, and this isn't a knock on you, but why doesn't Madden just let you create your own in-game? I've had every Madden since Madden 97' and it seems they always remove a lot of good stuff.

Idk but i like what they are doing with this. Thing that sucks is you cant just enter this. you have to do a ton more stuff like make an embroidered image and stuff..

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