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Brooklyn Nets "Brooklyn Blue" Concepts


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The Nets will be wearing "Brooklyn Blue" sleeved jerseys for 5 home games coming up to end the season. So I thought, what if they chose the White/Blue/Gray color scheme over the Black/White...

4jpah4.jpgPossible other logo:

2cge83n.jpgSecondary Logos:


And the other scheme:


*EDIT* New Secondary Logo's:





AND finally, the Home Jersey:


In-Game Jersey: f2ngx1.jpg

What do you think?

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I initially hoped that Brooklyn would adopt uniforms resembling The Dodgers, but I really dig The Nets' colors and uniforms. I love the simplicity and old school look.

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Haha i follow you on twitter. These are really cool. You should make a court or road jersey with these colors too. Would love to see the nets actually adapt to this color scheme. Black and white is starting to bore me.

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