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Syracuse Sports Redesign


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the silver has got to go, it looks bad. im also not liking the different color sleeve for the lacrosse uniform. the stripes on the arm are good but the it almost looks like the sleeveless nike jerseys, which are awful. and i do agree that a orange helmet is needed for lax.

on a positive note,the script looks fantastic, really showing the school tradtion. also the football socks look good.

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swap the white pants for the orange pants w/ bball uni

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Too much orange was lost... And basketball uniforms shoul be monochromatic, the different colors look bad In my opinion... Other than that, great job!

And switch te orange and the white on the football helmet

He's right, I'm not feeling the mix & match basketball shorts either although I see what you were going for in these-3a3b2a49f03a8937.jpg


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