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    What "floats my boat" is following these rich people on their yachts out to sea, and after they finish swimming and climbing back onto the boat, I grab their ankles. The girlish screams a lot of these "men" let out when I do that is pretty freckin' hilarious.
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    Women could just barely vote 80+ years ago and civil rights weren't a thing yet. The US wasn't always cable TV, iPhones and ranch dressing.
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    I think this illustrates an interesting point. Almost everyone has the Jaguars last (as would I). And almost everyone has the Bengals in the top 5 (as would I). Both helmets are "innovative." Therefore, "innovative" is neither good nor bad.
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    I know they are trying to say that this is not a "bloody" flag image, but who do they think they are kidding? I am somewhat repulsed by this. Just wear purple, black and white like you have some pride. I am getting sick and tired of these one-off uniforms. TOO MUCH ALREADY!!!
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    1. 49ers 2. Browns 3. Rams 4. Vikings 5. Broncos . . 28. Ravens 29. Jets 30. Redskins 31. Chiefs 32. Every Arena League football team . . . . . . 96. Congress 97. Anything directed by Wes Anderson 98. Getting hit by a car 99. Being force-fed Cincinnati Chili 100. Jaguars
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    How far has Nike lowered the bar? We're not just ok with what are essentially these in different colors, but we're downright happy with it.
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    Star Wars Imperial Forces invade Thomas Kinkade paintings
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    Oh, I almost forgot, this one goes out to my fallen board bro: RAMS LOSE
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    Below is the MediaFire link to download the TTFs. DOWNLOAD NOTE: These typefaces are free for personal, non-commercial use ONLY.
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    Those Slovakia jerseys are terrible. They're the worst of these new nike unis, if for no other reason than they changed the team's (and nation's) actual color scheme just for the hell of it. It's bad enough that all US teams are in dark navy, but putting what should be a royal blue team in navy is terrible.
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    More Cincinnati chili for me then 1. Bengals 32. Jaguars
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    Stephen F. Austin in all purple last Saturday against Sam Houston State in all orange:
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    Sorry, as good a story as last season was particularly in light of Kevin Ware's injury that's only #2 to me. I think the 1980 NCAA Championship was bigger - that was the first championship for the school and was really a huge deal for a city that had lost its pro basketball team (and kind of felt screwed out of being in the NBA when the Colonels were left out of the merger) and its minor league baseball team during the 1970s. I was a HS Senior that year and it really brought the city and the school together in a big way. More perspective - U of L was a city-supported university until 1972 when it became part of the entire state university system. The school went from about 6,500 students to 17,000 pretty much overnight. While the Commonwealth was providing funds to UK to build a football stadium, U of L used all their funds to build buildings for students. It went from being this little school known for engineering, law school and medical school to being that "little brother" that Joe B. Hall called it to jab at Denny Crum. The 1980 Championship was "little brother" announcing they had grown up a bit; the next announcement came in the 1983 NCAA Regional Final. The 1980 championship team was a very close #2 but the only reason it wasn't #1 was because the 2013 team was the first Louisville team to win a championship when I was alive then. Still, I love the 1980 team because of Griffith (Dr. Dunkenstien!) and Denny Crum's coaching mentality. I perfectly understand - complete difference in perspective based on age. If you're under 30 the 1980 and 1986 championships would just be history; it's a different thing to have lived through them.
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    That sucked on all levels. The Sharks and the NHL blew it tonight. Yeah, but still. The Sabres are trbl, and they should've carpet bombed them. Now the Ducks and Yotes are above them in the standings(barf). Oh yeah, I'm not that disappointed in the missed goal because the Sharks were outplayed most game. They woke up and fought back, but the Sabres dominated most of the game. Credit to Buffalo for creating some sloppy plays by the Sharks. Still though regardless of what team(s),possible goal-reviews in the NHL shouldn't be missed. Imagine if something like this happened in a tightly contested well played Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals?
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    Oh, and the Tennessee game. That was great man. I can't believe "Money" botched those kicks, but the defense was great shutting the Titans down in the first half. And the way they responded to that Titans score with a bomb to Ike. That was amazing. And kudos to Mike Jones on that tackle at the end. And...and.... And why is Jeff Fisher wearing Rams clothing? Oh.
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    So lets see what happened while I was gone....Indiana lost to Minnesota. Florida State exposed Miami as CLOWNFRAUDS. Michigan wants to fire its coach. Pac 12 is still awesome, Baylor is still the cart of juggernaut. Oh and Virginia Tech as plummeted from the rankings after losing to Boston College and Duke. Duke. Teehee.
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    Haha! If you've got the time, I say do it anyway There's so many ways to do a Storm logo. As for your GO! pun... I was replied with a gif that's not negative!?!?!
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    Same for me. When you're done with the updates, it's going to be impossible to pick a favorite or a least favorite!
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    Sweet! Is the interlocked S and J supposed to be a sting ray
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    Would love to see Buffalo to copy that look. Love those two colors together.
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    Hey, guys. Once again, sorry for the delay. Fallen, here's your request, finally: The yellow is a bit more on the yellow side than the green. If you'd like to see a more neon greenishness to it, lemme know. I also decided to create a couple others based on NASCAR drivers. And, well... I couldn't help myself... On a side note, holy crap it is hard to get a good vector image of NASCAR numbers that aren't attached to Gordon or an Earnhardt. I wish Chris would add NASCAR to the site. I think it would be a nice addition and fill what seems to be a total vacuum on the internet. And, finally, here are the other two requests I receive. Hope you enjoy them.
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    I think there should be some consistency - so when you look at the rafters, all the banners at least look like they're from the same team. One way is just to avoid logos and jerseys all together, and just make the banner a number and name. I guess colors could be an issue for a team like Vancouver, but if you go with a more generic look, then it wouldn't be so bad if a number isn't in the player's "right" color. Or, not that the Flyers have this issue since they've never changed, but what they just changed to is a picture of the player in action on the banner, with his name and number. If you did that, then you could show the player in the uniform he's most known for, while still keeping the overall banner in line with all the others. Also, while the rest of the Nets banners look cool, that Petrovic one sucks. Without the context of the others, it just looks like a random red streak.
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    Georgia Southern for Saturday's game against Western Carolina. Throwbacks to their 1925-41 era uniforms.
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    You know, after seeing those Slovakia jerseys, I have to say that it's nice that the faux laces are transparent like that. They're probably the least evident on those jerseys. At least they're not immediately visible, because if they weren't transparent, those would be really half-ass laces.
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    In my Midwest experience that's shockingly accurate. It was mixed in central Illinois, STL and SE Wisconsin were strong "soda" and Indiana lacks any identifiable characteristics so of course it would be unsure... Indiana is the most politically backwards midwestern state, anyhow. Oh off. Explain to me where your knowledge of this comes from, s'il vous plait. Well, I mean they were the only one I've remembered that went for Romney. And didn't you guys almost elect a governor who said "Rape was a gift from god?" Actually nevermind, he probably got killed in an election. Cola wars seem to bring out the worst in people. Damn shame. Turns out the Mid-East conflict is actually between Pepsi and Coke fans.
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    The color scheme is much better, but something about the eye looks off, IMO.
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    Unpopular Opinion: I love using the color Navy, and think the Motor City jerseys look much better than the Red jerseys for the Pistons.
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    well i doubt you are running your car head on into things like football players do to their helmets, there would definitely need to be some testing of it. He might be a professional bumper-car racer for all you know. Nike will influence the NFL to change the helmet rule. As long as the NFL can implement a forced "week of practice" with the new helmet then they should be good to go. I'm not football player so I don't know how long it takes to get a helmet fit. Maybe they can wear them during training camp as well to get it to 'fit". Nike doesn't make helmets. Therefore, your assertion is highly doubtful. Money talks. Nike could pull off some crazy uniforms if the helmet rule wasn't preventing it from occuring. I'm pretty sure Nike doesn't need to change the helmet to come up with a really crappy "pro-combat" jersey and pants combo. It's really the jersey that the NFL and Nike make money off. They don't sell helmets and pants to the average fan. its not about selling the helmets, it's about creating helmet to go with the jersey that they will be selling, a fan might be more likely to buy the jersey if the whole uniform is different versus just a recolored primary or whatever
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    Wow Team USA's football team is going to look amazing in the Rio so glad they added American football.... Oh Wait...
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    To be fair about Thursday, I would rather go trick-or-treating on the block that has the Bible pamphlets instead of candy, the caramel tainted with drugs, AND the guy you're pretty sure is a child molester than watch the Coyotes play the Nashville Predators.
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    Akron used to be the home to pretty much every major tire manufacturer in America. They could have gone with the name Vulcans, hired someone other than Brandiose, and wound up with a pretty good and hopefully unique identity that didn't feature toothy duck mascots with XTREEM ATTITUDE and bevels, so many bevels. Or they could have stuck with Aeros and built around that. In short, I hate Brandiose.
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    They need to bring back red yellow and black, there are way to many red white and blue teams, i dont know why they changed it
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    I doubt that, because the end of the lightning cable is USB. It does require 2.1a, which as far as I can tell, USB ports on Windows mobos can't produce (unless you do some hacking) so you need the wall adapter, but I don't think it's a limitation of usb from a form factor perspective. I think it's a combination of function (linking to other devices designed for iProducts, and macs), sync speed, and, of course, making you buy their stuff (or cheap knock offs.) Which brings up a good question - We get upset about buying counterfeit jerseys (rightfully so), but personally I've never felt bad about buying a knockoff adapter, even though I would assume that Apple would have to license their proprietary connectors, so technically I'm doing the same thing as someone who buys a fake jersey. Never really thought about it until now.
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    Thanks for the indepth feedbacks! I agree on some points with you, such as using letters instead of a logo for the team caps. You'll see me making more effort with that type of thing in future sets. And I'll probably fix/update some of the sets later on. Anyway, now for the NFC West and the AFC East!