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  1. I'm good until any version of K-A-R-S cars for kids comes on. Good cause, but I can't stand any version.
  2. The Peoria Chiefs' conversion from Cubs affiliate to Cardinals affiliate -- while not as drastic as this Bees' example -- has some odd combos that seem a bit forced in order to downplay blue in favor of red. Guess minor league teams have to do what they have to do to keep uniform costs down, especially when affiliates can shift every two years. Better to have your own identity lest you end up winning the Southern League championship as a Twins affiliate dressed as the Dodgers with a red-billed road cap on to appear more Twins-like. (Chattanooga Lookouts in 2015.) I don't remember this Burlington Bees era, but I'm sure I saw it live back in the day. Thanks for sharing.
  3. A.G. Spanos: "If we make a mistake, we own it, learn from it, and move on without looking back." That's in reference to the logo, but shouldn't it apply to the move already as well?
  4. LA Gear, of all companies, made a trademark claim. And the logos really aren't at all similar. Perhaps this is a case of letting the world know L.A. Gear still exists.
  5. I think it is similar in at least the same way Iowa and Southern Miss logos were. And Southern Miss lost that battle. Maybe logos and lettering rules are different. I still say the Cubs shouldn't let the Avs use that C from the Colorado flag in any shade of red without a fight. Different colors and the L moved up to create a larger lightning bolt as Gothamite did earlier in the thread would help quite a bit. First impressions, though...
  6. That logo won't last a week, right? I mean, the Dodgers and MLB are already on hold along with those angry San Diegans... right?
  7. And yet... the Bees straight up wore Angels BP uniforms last year one game a week: Seems to be a new trend in the Midwest League last year. The Clinton LumberKings wore Mariners Monday unis recolored from green and black to teal and navy: Contrast that with the Royals giving the Kane County Cougars green and gold KC caps a few years (and a couple affiliates) back. Affiliates change too often to ditch the hometown brand for the parent club's. One offs and alts can do the trick... or a patch on the sleeve. They already wear MLB jackets,etc.
  8. It still amuses me when I find uniform talk in mainstream media (or at least outside the usual suspects within those outlets), but for some reason this outrage about no NHL alts from a Chicago sports radio guy really tickled me. I'm pretty sure 10 years ago Bernstein wouldn't even talk hockey on his show, and he usually saves his outrage for big topics like Penn State. I don't hear him much on my drives anymore so maybe he's softened.
  9. I wish the 4-pointer was called the Big 3 in this league and still worth 4 points, just for absurdity's sake. I wish them well. I always love these small start-ups like Arena Football (who am I kidding, I hung in there until 2010) and Slamball at the beginning, and this will bring back fond memories of playing In Gus Macker tournaments.
  10. Chargers news was a trial balloon, a P.R. blunder, or both Okay, then.
  11. The story suggests no formalities have taken place. Could it be that this is to block any Raiders' dreams of L.A. and keep them focused on Las Vegas and Oakland? Why else would Schefter call it a stunner when their relocation was approved a year ago?
  12. Schefter tweeted it was "a stunner," but Chargers plan to announce move Thursday.
  13. And then this morning, it was "Nick Saban is overrated." He'll say anything. Thought I had him muted, but people keep retweeting/quoting him into my timeline.
  14. CBS says NFL pushing Chargers to stay? NFL to push to keep Chargers in San Diego with concern over second L.A. team AMP - 36 mins ago
  15. Apparently not many NBA teams are interested in hosting. At one point Las Vegas was being considered as a semi-permanent neutral home, but that went poorly the first time and never returned. New Orleans is a city used to hosting big events, so it and a few others seem to be in regular rotation. In this year's case, Charlotte lost the rights due to a law that was passed. New Orleans is one place that can fill in on shorter notice. The topic comes up every so often in Chicago, since the Bulls haven't hosted since 1988 (never in the United Center, amazingly). Reinsdorf doesn't want it. Mark Cuban said he'd only host it in Cowboys Stadium so all of his season ticket holders could go, and they made that happen. Apparently what is usually a ST sales incentive in MLB is a point of contention in the NBA -- the league takes too many seats.