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  1. The XFL may be making a comeback

    A market that isn't already covered by NCAA football, though?
  2. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Whiff on a punt is the highlight of the day for me:
  3. 2017 MLB Season

    Yeah... this time it doesn't count. So it'll be a tie.
  4. 2017 MLB Season

    Manfred mentions Montreal, Charlotte and Mexico City (!) as potential expansion sites once Oakland and Tampa Bay settle their stadium issues.
  5. MLB Changes 2017

    Love these. After seeing the blue versions with the current Marlin earlier in the thread, I went to look at the old Florida cap to see if that Marlin could work. You show that it does. I like the one on the left better... and would prefer teal and black but could live with the blue as primary with current colors.
  6. MLB Changes 2017

    Weren't the Indians supposed to be wearing the red caps with the blue alts this year? Watching Sunday Night Baseball and it's the same combo as last year.
  7. The Sports Media Thread

    This excerpt from that article sums it up so well: "As Horowitz started outlining his digital vision for Fox Sports, he candidly explained that content that had performed well for Fox and was a key part of the site’s turnaround were to be no longer part of the strategy. With a very matter-of-the-fact delivery, Horowitz shared his distaste of the legacy content strategy in place to a room full of employees who had taken great pride in making a much more trafficked website over the last year (upwards of 50 percent by most accounts)." Ignoring what works, backed by traffic analytics, and going in a direction not supported by those same analytics, I suspect. Topped off by this quote from Horowitz' presentation: "The written word is still relevant, but the advertising value of written content, what we call display, is not growing." So many execs get hung up on the value of pre-roll ads for video without acknowledging that online readers don't actually watch video on traditional news websites. Someone above (EDIT: It was Cosmic) summarized it so well (paraphrasing): "Why watch an ad and a 3-minute video to tell me something I can read in 30 seconds?"
  8. Probably a good move if the first live event was six hours long. I'm thinking about the 23rd ("Week 5"?) but that's quite a commitment. I forgot to watch last night... fireworks. But FS1 seems to be showing some replays so I'll catch it later. Both sittings I've only watched one game at a time anyway.
  9. SyFy Channel Rebrand

    Just seeing this on TV for the first time. It's jarring, but I think it works. And seems more versatile. Didn't realize it was announced so long ago. I feel like they've recently shifted slightly away from the original (?) monster mashup movies and started showing more mainstream films in their genre. Why yes, I am watching a "Resident Evil" movie right now, why do you ask?
  10. NBA G-League Still Needs to Expand

    So that story says it's the 27th team. Who's left? I've lost track. Denver...
  11. Dallas Cowboys going dark at home?

    I can tell you as a lifelong Cowboys fan (no bandwagon) I bought a navy blue Starter parka and what we would now call "dark royal" (by New Era standards) Sports Specialties adjustable cap in 1989. (Record: 1-15) It was ridiculously frustrating to find merchandise that matched because you never knew what shade of blue you were going to get: Some manufacturers used royal, some dark royal, some navy. So when that shark-tooth Logo Athletic cap came out, I had to pass because it was royal and didn't match my navy parka. Or, I eventually justified it because it matched the blue in my white Dorsett jersey. (Yep, the latter. I'm not proud.) I often wished they'd pick a blue, and I eventually chose navy. In 2000, my first visit to Texas Stadium, there were three choices of a simple universal (stretch) fit Nike cap with just the double-star logo (many '90s caps had one outline on the star, another frustration for another TL;DR ramble): Royal White Navy It was the first time I remember seeing the same model of cap in two blues. And I bought two of the three. The two that matched the navy jersey. And then proceeded to wear mismatched blues to my first Cowboys game in Irving. Because I wasn't not going to wear the Dorsett jersey. First world problems. When the new stadium changed the endzones to navy, I thought they'd finally chosen, too. But no.
  12. Dallas Cowboys going dark at home?

    A few years back? Tex died in 2003! Navy is the Cowboys' best uniform. The stars, the matching silver pants, it matches the navy endzone and a lot more in the "new" stadium, etc. The white has nostalgia, but has become a mess.
  13. Pistons Logo Change

    Perhaps "suggests a B" is more accurate. The curves of the same-color streak at the very least do that, and the negative space created is essentially that of a B.
  14. Pistons Logo Change

    Fuhrms referenced it above, but in the two new alt logos emphasizing the D, they turned one into a B and the other into a C.
  15. 2017 MLB Season

    But add it to the "history in an unfortunate jersey" list. Not only camo but that Reds script instead of the classic C-Reds logo. And camo.