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  1. For the people saying the Wrigley view was tarnished by the scoreboards, I submit that the damage was done decades earlier when the lawn chairs and coolers of beer on the rooftops were replaced by complex bleacher structures sold at suite prices. Not sure why those abominations often get a pass. (Still a solid neighborhood view, especially when the L passes by or if you are up high enough to see the lake.) When I was growing up, the must-play parks in video games were Kansas City for the fountains, Wrigley for the ivy and Boston for the monster. The rest were cookie cutter or the backdrop too distant (thinking mountains here). For my money the best baseball view I had as a kid was John O'Donnell Stadium (now Modern Woodmen Park). It had the river, bridges and "skyline" (tallest structure is a TV transmission tower). So PNC is No. 1 for me for taking that style to a major-league level, literally, with an honorable mention to the Reds. There are so many good ones now, from the Giants (probably my No. 2) and Cardinals to the Padres and Orioles. The Twins' park is amazing how it is tucked into downtown without giant light structures. And I even realized from this thread that I might have sold the Tigers short just because of where my seat was (RF).
  2. There was a Carl's Jr. off a Bloomington-Normal I-74 exit two decades ago in Illinois. I always thought it was pre-merger but perhaps it was a test market.
  3. Watching that trailer brings me back... to a day I thought Kingsley was going to be a badass Mandarin. I didn't hate what they did -- I laughed at the time and I still laugh at "I panicked and then I handled it" -- but what a missed opportunity. As for Snoke... I like him as much as I liked the Emperor in Empire -- not at all. (Kind of a "who the @#$% is this guy?" feeling about both... preferred Vader as the big bad, but then... whoa, lightning! I was 9.) They really need to make Snoke work -- or have Luke cut him down within the first act and move on. (Sorry, Dooku.) I'm not buying him right now as the final hurdle. Ren or Rey or Luke or Laura Dern or Boba del Toro might need to be the main villain by Ep. 9. Snoke was as disposable as Phasma to me.
  4. How do we know what Luke sounds like? It's been 34 years! Joking. I didn't think it sounded like him either. But if it's not Luke... that's a pretty nasty trailer misdirection. Is something layered in like during Rey's TFA vision and her Light/Darkness/Balance here?
  5. I look at this now and think that it's meant to be some kind of commemorative logo for the 2006 and 2011 NBA Finals.
  6. I know "Incompetent!" is the obvious choice, but I'm partial to... "The absolute worst!" *hat drop*
  7. What will you do when the first Tank costume comes knocking at your door on Halloween?
  8. It's no anthracite or wolf gray, but Vantablack will surely be all the rage in uniform design soon: "The Arizona Cardinals' new Nike Vantablack football uniforms increase performance by 0.05% because they will become virtually invisible to both opponents and teammates. The blacker than black design is inspired by the shadows of the historic arches in Busch Stadium II, where the Cardinals played when St. Louis was their home. The red remains unchanged, but also unused. Because otherwise you could see them. And that would defeat the purpose of Vantablack."
  9. I'll have to try that. Thanks.
  10. I've wanted the Cubs to lose the white outlines on the road jerseys and change the cap logo outline to gray forever. (How's that for a pointless road cap?) As for the above, I think the gold outline on the front of the jersey will get lost but as soon as you see those numbers you'll remember it's there. Not a fan of any patches on caps, even a World Series trophy on a Cubs cap, oddly enough. But I like the gold outline on the C. Still, I'll stick with the NE-free cap I bought last year. In the event I ever need a new one, I'll break out the blue Sharpie and handle it the way we did in the 1990s. (If the NE were red I might leave it alone. White is too much.)
  11. I'm good until any version of K-A-R-S cars for kids comes on. Good cause, but I can't stand any version.
  12. The Peoria Chiefs' conversion from Cubs affiliate to Cardinals affiliate -- while not as drastic as this Bees' example -- has some odd combos that seem a bit forced in order to downplay blue in favor of red. Guess minor league teams have to do what they have to do to keep uniform costs down, especially when affiliates can shift every two years. Better to have your own identity lest you end up winning the Southern League championship as a Twins affiliate dressed as the Dodgers with a red-billed road cap on to appear more Twins-like. (Chattanooga Lookouts in 2015.) I don't remember this Burlington Bees era, but I'm sure I saw it live back in the day. Thanks for sharing.
  13. A.G. Spanos: "If we make a mistake, we own it, learn from it, and move on without looking back." That's in reference to the logo, but shouldn't it apply to the move already as well?
  14. LA Gear, of all companies, made a trademark claim. And the logos really aren't at all similar. Perhaps this is a case of letting the world know L.A. Gear still exists.
  15. I think it is similar in at least the same way Iowa and Southern Miss logos were. And Southern Miss lost that battle. Maybe logos and lettering rules are different. I still say the Cubs shouldn't let the Avs use that C from the Colorado flag in any shade of red without a fight. Different colors and the L moved up to create a larger lightning bolt as Gothamite did earlier in the thread would help quite a bit. First impressions, though...