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  1. The Padres have done study after study it seems and spin after spin to make navy the "true" Padres color, but if the owner is now resigned to accept brown as an inevitability, that speaks volumes. Navy was given every advantage and chance to win, and couldn't.
  2. CubsFanBudMan

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    Interesting choice. I've never noticed a team using the hat color instead of embroidery, but now I'm going to go back and look. What is it about the 5950 vs. 3930 that would lend itself to that?
  3. The Clinton LumberKings noticed.
  4. CubsFanBudMan

    New Animal Planet Logo

    Official agency-speak aside, I thought when that sideways M logo was launched, we discussed here that it was supposed to evoke stripes... of zebras, tigers, etc. Of course, coloring it green kind of kills that imagery.
  5. CubsFanBudMan

    New Travel (Trvl) Channel Logo

    ESPN thought the same thing about sports highlights and then "embraced debate." Reading about Chicago Tribune buyouts somehow led me to this story about SportsCenter's return to highlights: Found it interesting in this era of cable TV brand "rot," as someone put it above. Travel Channel showing all the ghost shows is kind of silly outside of October.
  6. CubsFanBudMan

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Didn't go far enough back then. Should have known. My mistake.
  7. CubsFanBudMan

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Maybe the change was too subtle or was announced earlier, but I didn't see it here. The Iowa Hawkeyes changed their number font to their custom typeface:
  8. CubsFanBudMan

    Quad City Storm SPHL logo

    And to put a bow on this thread... they changed their logo today.
  9. CubsFanBudMan

    New SPHL Team Changes Logo Before Playing a Game

    Yes. The Utah Blitz women's football team and an overseas semi-pro (?) football team. Their logo came up in the first page of results when you searched "storm logo." Glad they addressed it. The new one is still far from what they had with the Mallards (by @GFB)... but then again so is the league.
  10. CubsFanBudMan

    The Sports Media Thread

    Yeah, The Athletic hired the Land of 10 Iowa Hawkeyes beat writer, too. I like what they're doing -- and the fact that their paywall comes with no ads and no auto-play videos as opposed to newspapers that just tried to add one right after bringing back pop-up ads -- but not enough to pay... yet.
  11. CubsFanBudMan

    Quad City Storm SPHL logo

    ECHL claims that the Mallards identity and name are theirs. Sad to see GFB's look go. Also, a quick search of "Storm logo" on Google brings this up, too: Swindon Storm ... American football in England?
  12. CubsFanBudMan

    The Sports Media Thread

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution just ended SEC Country, Land of 10 and the rest of their "Diehards" sports verticals. They killed off the NFL one -- All 22 -- right before the playoffs. I'm sure many hadn't heard of them, but they hired away legit beat writers of college teams and that makes me wonder if The Athletic is about to expand beyond pro markets (and national college sites). Still, if they really want to "replace the underappreciated newspaper sports section," I'm not sure how they get there without dipping into preps. Maybe those are the scraps that will be left to print.
  13. CubsFanBudMan

    New Carl's Jr./ Hardee's Logos

    Haven't heard much from Carl Hardee Sr. lately... guess that rebrand didn't take. Because Hardee's has this now across social media.
  14. CubsFanBudMan

    The Sports Media Thread

    Whoever had 12 in the "Mac misses work" pool wins. Hoarse voice getting worse, is the official word.
  15. CubsFanBudMan

    The Sports Media Thread

    Yeah, I did a little more research and made a minor edit after I posted that last night. I didn't realize he was the guy behind Dan Patrick's move. I always associated him with losing the Cubs, WGN and The Game, but you raise a good point about the Sam Zell / Randy Michaels / Kevin Metheny era. That was a hole to dig out of. Goff will find something, I'd think. Whether it sticks is likely up to him and the adjustments he makes, but yes, he and Bernstein had created an echo chamber of sorts that was not sustainable.