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  1. CubsFanBudMan

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Didn't go far enough back then. Should have known. My mistake.
  2. CubsFanBudMan

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Maybe the change was too subtle or was announced earlier, but I didn't see it here. The Iowa Hawkeyes changed their number font to their custom typeface:
  3. CubsFanBudMan

    Quad City Storm SPHL logo

    And to put a bow on this thread... they changed their logo today.
  4. CubsFanBudMan

    New SPHL Team Changes Logo Before Playing a Game

    Yes. The Utah Blitz women's football team and an overseas semi-pro (?) football team. Their logo came up in the first page of results when you searched "storm logo." Glad they addressed it. The new one is still far from what they had with the Mallards (by @GFB)... but then again so is the league.
  5. CubsFanBudMan

    The Sports Media Thread

    Yeah, The Athletic hired the Land of 10 Iowa Hawkeyes beat writer, too. I like what they're doing -- and the fact that their paywall comes with no ads and no auto-play videos as opposed to newspapers that just tried to add one right after bringing back pop-up ads -- but not enough to pay... yet.
  6. CubsFanBudMan

    Quad City Storm SPHL logo

    ECHL claims that the Mallards identity and name are theirs. Sad to see GFB's look go. Also, a quick search of "Storm logo" on Google brings this up, too: Swindon Storm ... American football in England?
  7. CubsFanBudMan

    The Sports Media Thread

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution just ended SEC Country, Land of 10 and the rest of their "Diehards" sports verticals. They killed off the NFL one -- All 22 -- right before the playoffs. I'm sure many hadn't heard of them, but they hired away legit beat writers of college teams and that makes me wonder if The Athletic is about to expand beyond pro markets (and national college sites). Still, if they really want to "replace the underappreciated newspaper sports section," I'm not sure how they get there without dipping into preps. Maybe those are the scraps that will be left to print.
  8. CubsFanBudMan

    New Carl's Jr./ Hardee's Logos

    Haven't heard much from Carl Hardee Sr. lately... guess that rebrand didn't take. Because Hardee's has this now across social media.
  9. CubsFanBudMan

    The Sports Media Thread

    Whoever had 12 in the "Mac misses work" pool wins. Hoarse voice getting worse, is the official word.
  10. CubsFanBudMan

    The Sports Media Thread

    Yeah, I did a little more research and made a minor edit after I posted that last night. I didn't realize he was the guy behind Dan Patrick's move. I always associated him with losing the Cubs, WGN and The Game, but you raise a good point about the Sam Zell / Randy Michaels / Kevin Metheny era. That was a hole to dig out of. Goff will find something, I'd think. Whether it sticks is likely up to him and the adjustments he makes, but yes, he and Bernstein had created an echo chamber of sorts that was not sustainable.
  11. CubsFanBudMan

    The Sports Media Thread

    Late to this 670 The Score commentary, but since we're all here... I'll say the first transition with the partners between shows was odd, if only because it started with a clip of "How 'bout that whole deal?" from one of the ousted hosts, Matt Spiegel. He's the one I feel worst for, but that might be my baseball bias showing. He kept the Bears at bay in the summer. Of course, good Cubs baseball on the new flagship helped, too. But the guy had four co-hosts in 7? years and he and Parkins were just finding their groove. (My listening is limited these days, though.) Is he great? Probably not. But he seemed like a good soldier and for various coincidental personal reasons I seem to identify with him the most. So again, some bias there. Bernstein had become a caricature of himself and overdid the rip-the-caller bit that was hilarious in its early days when horrible people called in on occasion and got served. I think Goff -- who is good -- was too like-minded of a partner and Bernstein needs someone to challenge him. I like that Goff got his shot on that show for nostalgia reasons, but in all honesty that wasn't enough to keep it together. He'll be fine somewhere. And lest you think politics have no place on sports radio, it was my genuine shock that the midday show on Miami's WQAM was a politics show back in the day. In this climate it can be hard to stick to sports, especially when they intersect. But I'll be honest, I prefer it when they do. As for McKnight... okay. Score guy returns, as I'm sure Finfer will as soon as Mac can get him back. I hated McNeil on ESPN 1000 with Yurko and Harry and his shtick was tired in that first transition when -- as mentioned above -- he went right for the gambling and cocaine references and foreshadowed the absences to come by having a hoarse voice on his first day back. For whatever reason, Spiegel made Mac tolerable for me somehow, so I'll look forward to his fill-in shifts and hopefully a baseball show gig. And I'm curious if his Cubs tune stays for 2018. Anyone know why Jimmy DeCastro is calling the shots? Isn't his record pretty bad, as in constantly losing to The Score? Perhaps the execs in radio are as recycled as the hosts. FWIW, Coppock commented on Feder that DeCastro has no love for him, so that casket is staying closed. (EDIT: I was thinking he was still living off The Loop legacy but it seems he's done a great deal more than that. Dan Patrick was a good call. The WGN era was not his best... losing the Cubs and was The Game FM his baby?) And speaking of the World's Greatest Newspaper... Chicago media side note: Shots fired by the Sun Times today over the Trib's firing of Sox and Blackhawks beat writers. Hopefully this latest website redesign doesn't crash my browser.
  12. CubsFanBudMan

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    A market that isn't already covered by NCAA football, though?
  13. CubsFanBudMan

    2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Whiff on a punt is the highlight of the day for me:
  14. CubsFanBudMan

    2017 MLB Season

    Yeah... this time it doesn't count. So it'll be a tie.
  15. CubsFanBudMan

    2017 MLB Season

    Manfred mentions Montreal, Charlotte and Mexico City (!) as potential expansion sites once Oakland and Tampa Bay settle their stadium issues.