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  1. I hope for babyface Rusev to make a surprise return to answer the Kevin Owens Face of America Open Challenge in the near future. They can even call him "The Red, White and Brute".
  2. Jinder needs to use that "New American Dream" schtick from Talking Smack in front of live audiences for some real heat (and some backstage heat from Goldust).
  3. I think they have to keep on this trend to get smaller guys over as a threat in the fans' heads because that's predominately the type of performer who seems to be entering the business now. And it lets them use guys who are not that big by traditional standards as "big guys" like Rusev, AoP in NXT etc. You'd like to think they wouldn't hold an injury like Balor got against him, but then I remember Wade Barrett who only had 2 bad injuries, both caused by other guys screwing up, and he was supposedly flagged as "injury-prone".
  4. I think SDL made out like bandits. There are like 10 guys who you could put the WWE title on by this time next year and I'd buy it.
  5. Colorado probably wore the yellow kit to avoid the white shorts/(partly) powder blue socks clash. Clashes aren't only about the shirt.
  6. I'm hoping for some MATCHKA on Tuesday nights. If anyone needs the recuperative powers of the SDL creative team it's Rusev.
  7. I like the Asheville City badge. Maybe it needs a third colour in there to make it pop a little, but its well executed.
  8. It helps that Justin Gatlin's clouded past makes him the villain in the story.
  9. There's a difference between rugby and the sport the Melbourne Storm play (rugby league) so the logo needs a tweak.
  10. My alma mater, University of Queensland in Brisbane has a number of James Birrell designed brutalist style buildings; my accommodations at Union College perhaps being the best of them. Built from the late 1960s through the 70s it snakes through the existing trees from the site to prevent clearing. The original caravan style windows pictured above have now been replaced by more modern styles but the building remains otherwise the same. Some might find the concrete construction a little hard on the eyes, but when you see it amongst the very green landscape it's almost like a scene from some post-apocalyptic film where the forest has taken back over the city ruins.
  11. I'm coming around on the Nike kits. IF you have to do monochrome shirt/shorts the contrast socks give a nice bit of colour. But the sleeves are still stupid.
  12. Hard to maintain that throwback aesthetic and cram the usual 2-3 sponsors on to every piece of kit.
  13. Banana custard!
  14. Only gripe is that the heraldic lion is hard to pull off without looking like so many other logos around the world. How well it stands out will depend on how the colours are used.
  15. Looks a bit like Sampdoria's kits went for a lie down.