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  1. Unlike the past couple years when starting this thread, is it just me or does it seem quiet on the uniform front for next season so far. By now, I've usually been able to see some changes already announced, but I can't seem to recall or find anything for 2017. I am a couple days earlier than usual when starting this but thought why not... Any who, let's get everyone's favorite topic going and see where we stand for next season. Fire away...
  2. I have no words for this, I'm another who growing up had them as my soundtrack. Just devastating beyond words.
  3. Just change the damn logos already...
  4. Will the Blue Jackets have the number font of the Alternate or something totally new?
  5. Any Jackets ideas up your sleeve? Like a game of 2000 against the Wild or a state rival of either the Penguins or Red Wings?
  6. I couldn't find any post about it from recent time, so thought I would make a new one. Chris Hansen has reportedly been in talks to finance a new Seattle Arena on his own, along with a couple investors. http://www.king5.com/news/local/seattle/seattle-arena-group-offers-to-privately-finance-arena-fix-lander/341564181?platform=hootsuite
  7. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect here but well done!
  8. Bottom right
  9. June 20th feels like it's taking forever to get here...
  10. What exactly do you mean? Like how the fonts and placement have changed?
  11. Well done sir, looks much better!
  12. I on the other hand will be a very happy boy. I hate the copperplate font.
  13. A suggestion I would make is adding a little more gold somewhere, like maybe putting some gold back in the shoes.
  14. I really think you can do without the monument on the shorts. Make a few less stripes and stars as well, maybe just one line along the bottom of the shorts of stars.
  15. Idc if those stupid sleeved jerseys were what was worn winning the finals last year, it's such a stupid addition and makes things even worse. I also dislike the beveling in the "CAVS" wordmark.
  16. The last one is the most ideal situation for the team I think. I would love to see something like that.
  17. I'm excited to see what the Jackets come up with. As well as Colorado and Calgary.
  18. This may have taken the top spot of my favorite concepts on the boards. Good lord that presentation is amazing.
  19. Jackets backing into the playoffs, lost 4 in a row now (hadn't lost 3 in a row all season). Not a good feeling at the moment, but hoping that they have this convert back to success when next week rolls around.
  20. Beginning to look a lot like Ford has taken over for Toyota as far as domination goes. The addition of SHR has turned out to be huge for that camp, as Penske was strong before. Ford hasn't won NASCAR Manufacturers' Championship since '02 so this could be the year they break that streak.
  21. I didn't follow when the Browns moved to be the Ravens, and I most likely wouldn't follow them if they left again. I'd probably go to another close team like the Colts or Bengals.