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    2018-19 NBA Season

    Yeah, let's not. The Cavs are quickly learning that the way to mask an awful defensive team is not to play at pace. They're really bad. On the plus side, though, they shouldn't have to worry about conveying their first-round pick to Atlanta this year.
  2. Two thoughts: 1. I think classic, old-school matchups like Dodgers/Red Sox in a sport like baseball, which is so much about its history, are really cool. I’m looking forward to a World Series in what, two of baseball’s three most iconic venues, between two of baseball’s most iconic clubs? This should be neat. 2. I hope the Dodgers win for a couple of reasons, the paramount one being that Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher of his generation, and it would really be stupid if #ringz culture affected his legacy. Getting him a title so that doesn’t become a Thing would be neat.
  3. crashcarson15

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    He did it during the 2017 playoffs. I generally like Wingfoots stuff. It's a neat bit of history.
  4. Alright, so here's where we're going with this. @SabresRule7361 -- If you're going to keep posting in this thread (and other similar threads on this subforum), bring a viewpoint and opinion beyond reminding everyone that you don't like [insert big-market team that wins] here. If you can't do that, and you're only coming to post about how much you hate the Red Sox, stay out of the thread. Everyone else -- Ignore and move along, contribute to a discussion about the MLB postseason or reasonable tangents. Let's get this thread back on track together.
  5. crashcarson15

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    I don't think the Marlins' new "M" is really that similar to the Brewers'. It certainly wasn't my first thought when I saw the logo.
  6. crashcarson15

    Are the Cleveland Indians a red team or a blue team?

    So, let's dive into this a bit with some assistance from Dressed to the Nines. This is long, so I'm going to wrap it in spoiler tags so I don't take up your entire screen if you don't want it. Overall, it's pretty clear that the Tribe have gone back and forth a little bit over time, but that they've been predominantly navy more than they've been predominantly red, but that it's also rare that one color has overwhelmed the other. The '60s set was the greatest emphasis on one color (red in that case), probably, and the '90s really established the red dominance at home, blue dominance on the road. That said, I think that on the whole, it'd be apt to classify the Indians as a proper blue and red team, with either color available for primary use in a marketing campaign, fan gear, etc. -- for example, they've pushed fans wearing red the last few years in the postseason, even though the team is typically wearing blue jerseys. I think both of those uses work well, actually, because the red pops on the fans, but the navy is a better on-field look.
  7. And if you’re going on the likability of the rosters, you have to be pulling for Boston here. I get that my Verlander hatred is a personal thing from his Detroit days, but their starting first baseman made a racist gesture in the World Series last year, then their closer is a domestic abuser they traded for in the middle of the season. Hope the Red Sox can finish them off tonight.
  8. crashcarson15

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    This screams of a situation where the leaked one is right, so they throw out other prototypes so there's some drama left in the unveiling. They're not unveiling a new logo next month that they haven't even decided on yet.
  9. crashcarson15

    Worst owners in Sports

    And the "good guy" in this situation (Jimmy Haslam) should be in prison, so.
  10. crashcarson15

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    I like what I've seen so far, and this is the right shade of blue for the Marlins (IMO), but want to hold out to see the logo's application on hats and jerseys.
  11. It was the most blatantly obvious fake punt try, like, ever, particularly when you consider Narduzzi’s Dantonio roots. ND had absolutely no reason to try and block the kick, so they dropped everyone in anticipation of the fake.
  12. Perhaps an opinion out of left field (and I think I've expressed it before), but major conferences should just get rid of divisions. Each team gets its 1 or 2 protected rivals, then rotates through the rest of the conference from year to year. Design the schedule such that it's impossible for three teams to go undefeated, then the conference championship can be the top two teams in a "single-table" standings (like the Big XII). This helps to mitigate situations where one division is perennially better than the other -- the ACC, Big Ten and SEC all have this problem -- while also giving any four-year player a chance to play in every stadium in the conference, which isn't something that currently happens. It obviously won't fix schedule imbalance, but it should at least make it random rather than systematic, which would be a step in the right direction, and it's something that's absolutely required in order for me to support a playoff with automatic qualifiers (remember the time 7-5 Wisconsin won the Big Ten?).
  13. Oh, now you decide playing football in a hurricane is a bad idea, N.C. State.
  14. crashcarson15

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I think it's significantly more likely that the top European leagues will get rid of promotion/relegation down the road than it ever coming to MLS.
  15. crashcarson15

    Inter Miami FC Reveals Logo, MLS Expansion Club for 2020

    Inter is a name that’s as much (pan-)American as European.
  16. If you like free money, just go and bet the under in Stanford @ Notre Dame and Notre Dame @ USC right now, as long as the total’s higher than, like, 31.
  17. crashcarson15

    Chief Wahoo’s Last Season

    Now, pivoting to moderator hat, I'd like to remind the community of one of our rules: I think we've done well so far in this thread, but in the interest of forum policy, I think we should strive to avoid discussing two things: Whether or not removing Chief Wahoo as a team logo is appropriate Whether or not the Indians should take a new nickname Both those items are covered under the blanket ban the boards have, but I think this can be a good place for discussion around: What the Indians should do to their identity after Chief Wahoo is removed If the Indians were to change their name, what would a good alternate identity be?
  18. crashcarson15

    Chief Wahoo’s Last Season

    I've floated this opinion before on the boards, but I'll do it again anyway -- the '48 Indians are both the club's most recent World Series winner and featured the best look and balance the team's ever had. Take the old Wahoo off the sleeves and this would instantly be one of the better sets in baseball, IMO: I still lament that the Tribe went away from the wishbone C hat logo in the '70s, because it's the best hat they've had, but now there's no way they'd ever be able to get it "back" from the Reds. I'd love to see them try a hybrid of the Reds' and Cubs' "C" logos to try something unique. But to me, this is the perfect color balance for an Indians jersey and shows how much stronger the road jersey would be with a red bill. But I don't really like the block "C" for this purpose, which is a little tricky.
  19. crashcarson15

    2018 NFL Season

    All of Mass Ave is very fine and fun for 30-year-old dorks, really. It's the other corner of downtown from the stadium, but still walk-able. To give you an idea of the vibe, The Eagle (from OTR in Cincinnati) set up shop at the front of Mass Ave a few years back. Working down the street from southwest to northeast: The Tap has a wide beer selection; The Eagle is a thing you should know; Bazbeaux is pizza that a lot of people here like, but I think is only particularly good for non-traditional pies; Bru is a really solid burger joint; Fat Dan's is just off Mass Ave, which is a Chicago-style deli (so Italian beef and the like); Chatham Tap is a soccer bar with solid pub food. There's a lot of other spots along Mass Ave that I've never been to, and there are some neat shops, too, but that's what I've done in the neighborhood. As for closer to where you are, Loughmiller's is another place to get a burger downtown that's not around Mass Ave, but may be closed on Sunday? Sugarfire is a barbecue place from St. Louis that moved in a couple months ago that a lot of people like and has good brisket. St. Elmo's is the notorious expensive steak house in Indianapolis, but Harry & Izzy's is a little more laid back and accessible and gets you access to try their shrimp cocktail. There's also a handful of more "collegiate" bars along and off of Georgia Street (Brother's is a national college town thing, Kilroy's is an IU thing), which could be another place to drink closer to where you're at. I don't think any IUPUI or UIndy kids really drink downtown though; I think they mostly exist for college grads? Also, nobody goes to the Brickyard, so I wouldn't worry too much about crowds downtown.
  20. crashcarson15

    Memphis 901 FC Announces Name, Unveils Logos Ahead of First Season

    Probably nothing. If there's a split, major cities aren't going to lose their code, and if it's an overlay, people will still associate the "old"/"primary" number with the city. Indianapolis recently got an overlay code, but that doesn't mean stuff in the city suddenly stopped being branded with 317. (Hell, I'd have to look up the overlay code.) It kinda seems unlikely at this point that any individual mid-sized U.S. city that doesn't have an overlay now is going to get to the point where the overlay constitutes a significant enough portion of the population that people stop calling it the 317 or 901 or whatever.
  21. crashcarson15

    Austin FC

    Plain “FC” or “SC” names are good when they give the supporters a chance to organically coin the team’s nickname. The crest is well-designed all things considered, but really not unique, which everyone’s hit on. It really bothers me that “Austin” is in white and “FC” is in green.
  22. crashcarson15

    2018 MLB Season

    Yes, I believe so. EDIT: They could technically place him on irrevocable waivers, but that would be dumb, because the Nats would still be on the hook for all but about $100,000 of his remaining salary.
  23. crashcarson15

    Ask A Moderator

    All, We're trying to figure out a solution and should be moving toward having this under control. You may notice one or two changes to your posting experience as a result. Shoot me a PM if you have any concerns.
  24. crashcarson15

    Inter Miami FC Reveals Logo, MLS Expansion Club for 2020

    Brought the discussion from soccer kits over to this thread.