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    North American Pro Soccer 2019

    I think they're still interested in MLS, but want to go through with it either way. The Star is reporting that the Eleven have offered to buy the old Broad Ripple High School site in Indianapolis, which is located on the edge of the main bar strip in Broad Ripple (the neighborhood with the best fit for the younger soccer demographic). It's several miles north of downtown Indy, but IMO, it's a better site, aside from the fact that traffic/parking would be a total nightmare. There is new transit development happening in the neighborhood with BRT though, so maybe that would help. From everything that's been reported so far, it seems like the Eleven are much more interested in a taxpayer-friendly deal this time around than in previous iterations of their stadium plan. I want to hear more before fully throwing my support behind the plan, but this seems like a huge step in the right direction.
  2. Alabama needs to go independent before they can be considered for the playoff again
  3. crashcarson15

    Worst Game You Ever Saw

    The 2005 United States Grand Prix fits this description pretty well. There were 20 cars (10 teams) in F1 that year, 14 that used Michelin tires and 6 that used Bridgestone. The Michelin tires had severe failures throughout the weekend and it was considered unsafe to race on the existing circuit -- 9 of the 10 teams supported adding a chicane to Indy's oval turn, but Ferrari and the FIA were against it, so no chicane was added. All the Michelin teams took the parade lap, then peeled off into the pits in protest. The two Ferrari cars, plus the four back-markers that also ran Bridgestone, paraded around the track. It was bizarre.
  4. Just get rid of conference championships if you go to 8 or whatever. Here’s an out-there idea for the Big Ten, for example: Play your entire 6-game division slate, then take the top 3 in each division, and have them play the other division’s top 3 in the last three weeks of the season. The other four teams in each division can play each other to fill out their seasons. You can schedule a league-wide bye for the first weekend in November to give teams an extra week to scout, and then each division can have scheduled “home” weeks and “road” weeks for the cross-over games (to make it easier to sell tickets). For example, this year in the B1G, you’d have taken the following six teams: Northwestern 6-0 Ohio State 6-0 Michigan 5-1 Michigan State 4-2 Wisconsin 4-2 Purdue 3-3 Then, after everyone plays each other (using either real results or taking the top team in S&P+), you might’ve had: Ohio State 8-1 Michigan 8-1 Northwestern 7-2 Wisconsin 5-4 Michigan State 5-4 Purdue 4-5 You can now award Ohio State a clear conference championship, and you’ve guaranteed that the top teams in the conference have all played each other — all you’re swapping out between schedules are bottom-feeders. You also can effectively guarantee conference championship implications in the final week of the season if you schedule the top teams from each division to play that week.
  5. I wanted to circle back to this, because I've long thought the same thing as what I bolded in an ideal world, every team that has a potential claim to being the rightful national champion should get a chance to contest it, and nobody else should. I guess in some way, that's what bothers me about your line that "the playoff benefits more talented teams is a feature, not a bug," and why I wouldn't mind it going the other way if it would encourage upsets -- because, even holding regular-season strength of schedule or whatever the same, the current system disproportionately favors talented teams that slipped up during the regular season over less-talented squads that didn't slip up over 12 or 13 games. Historically, the national champion hasn't always been the most talented team, because sometimes that most talented team does screw up, and that's part of the fun of college football (IMO). We've gotten ourselves stuck in a situation where, in order to ensure all teams with a genuine claim have a chance to play for the title, we've actually created one where two teams that categorically weren't in the national title discussion based on their regular seasons have won titles in five years (2014 Ohio State and 2017 Alabama). I'm not sure that was ever true in the past. If eight teams creates a better chance that someone beats one of those No. 4-seeded, most-talented teams that lost a game that should've knocked them out, it might actually produce more deserving champions in a paradoxical way. --- The real reason I'm starting to come around on eight is, I think, it makes this sport more fun. I don't enjoy college football right now, and it's probably because everything is an endless debate about resume or stupid hot takes about how A is definitely better than B or about how we should put the "best" teams in even if they weren't the actual best over the course of the season, etc. I find college football fandom really :censored:ing annoying these days, and I think if you go to eight, you reduce the magnitude or importance of those stupid discussions, which maybe makes things more fun. I agree that I don't want conference champions included as auto-bids, or at least not conference champions in the current divisional structure, but if the argument is about Michigan or Washington for the final spot? Who really cares?
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    2018 NFL Season

    Greggggggggggg shouldn't get the job. The lion's share of Cleveland's improvement over the last two months of the season is due to (a) not having a bumbling, incompetent fool as head coach who wouldn't stop arguing with his OC and (b) Freddie Kitchens' offense. Gregg's done a lot good during his interim tenure, but he shouldn't be the answer permanently. Now, Kitchens? That's a conversation worth having.
  7. crashcarson15

    MLS Kits 2019

    I've always been partial to the scheme Portland used on that first third kit. Maybe a little more athletic gold than yellow, but I prefer the brighter colors here to what they've done since.
  8. crashcarson15

    MLS Kits 2019

    Southampton did this in the 80s (then repeated it last year for their primary kit), and it was truly wonderful:
  9. Nice of you to spend all day Saturday bitching about not getting in the playoff, Georgia.
  10. crashcarson15

    International Football 2018-2019

    That is a lot of money to spend on a dude so you can sell some shirts in America.
  11. The literal one thing Notre Dame couldn’t have happen was a Julian Love injury, because he’s both the team’s best player as a consensus All-American and plays at ND’s single position of least depth. Notre Dame never found a third corner all season (see the USC first half, for example), and when they had to play a full quarter without their CB1, Clemson got a truck load of unexpected mismatches and scored 20 points targeting said mismatches. It likely doesn’t change the win probability much, and the offense was generally awful all day, but ND doesn’t get embarrassed with Love for four quarters. Maybe it ends up at 23-3 with a late Clemson touchdown to seal it, instead of 23-3 at the half, which is a very different story. It’s dumb, because this will be held against Notre Dame for ages, when college football is at a spot where 2-3 teams, and occasionally a fourth, are simply head-and-shoulders better than everyone else. Nobody tries to perpetuate the idea that Washington or Michigan State or Florida State or Ohio State should never be taken seriously again because they got blown out in a playoff game, but we’re going to do it for eternity with Notre Dame. The biggest problem with the playoff right now might be the four-week runway to the semifinal games. Part of what enables upsets during the year is that teams only have a short period of time to prep for each opponent, so a good scheme can enable an upset. When coaches have a full month to scout their playoff opponent, the advantage of a good scheme is seriously decreased, which means that talent rises to the top and will win more consistently than during the season. Everything that ND did well from a scheme perspective on offense didn’t work yesterday. Part of it is that I think the Clemson defense was an awful matchup for ND, but a good chunk probably is that Venables and staff had ages to figure everything out about it. The same thing happened with the ND defense six years ago. Going to eight teams, and reducing the lead time to any one game to two weeks, may help encourage more upsets.
  12. crashcarson15

    Pro T20 Cricket coming to America?

    Second, probably, assuming they'd have a team in Broward County.
  13. crashcarson15

    North American Pro Soccer 2019

    Hard pass re: baseball. My team won 91 games this year and it was a wholly soulless, boring experience because they were practically guaranteed a playoff spot on Opening Day. The pennant race, and the fact that you actually have to be good to contend in baseball, is the best part of the sport. But to get back to MLS... Re: "there isn't enough time for that many two-legs" -- that's MLS' decision. In the international tournaments, you have a month. MLS has, what, 8-9 months to crown a champion. They're choosing to shoehorn the entire playoffs into a four-week stretch. That's not to say that I think it's unwise, but if MLS wanted to have a three-month playoff stage, they totally could. I think you could, even when working in that four-week window, create a playoff system that much better rewards the regular season's best teams than the current one (but that probably requires getting away from the whole "more than half the league qualifies" thing). I understand why MLS has done what they've done (we can debate whether hyper-parity has been a good thing or a bad thing for the NHL), but I personally don't like the format.
  14. crashcarson15

    North American Pro Soccer 2019

    I know this is kind of re-hashing a discussion we've had before, but I'm not sure I agree. If you're a top-two seed under the old system, a team has to outplay you over 180/210 minutes to knock you out of the tournament. It's that spirit of a "double chance" without the true Aussie-style bracket. Now, you can play a 34-match regular season and get trolled out of the playoffs in 90/120 minutes because weird :censored: happens in soccer sometimes. It definitely creates an edge for the higher seeded team in any individual match, but personally, I'd rather know that an inferior team has to beat me over 180 minutes than getting them at home for just the 90.
  15. crashcarson15

    2018 NFL Season

    The :censored:ing Cleveland Browns, man. (in a good way!)
  16. crashcarson15

    Macron Changing logo starting in 2019

    I'm not a huge fan, but I'll reserve judgment to see how it shows up on kits.
  17. crashcarson15

    2019 MLB Changes

    Let's limit discussion in this thread to the aesthetics of the 2019 MLB season, not relocation possibilities for the future.
  18. crashcarson15

    MLS Kits 2019

    You've actually hit on something that bugs me about the Five Stripes thing for Atlanta, which is that I look at that shirt as having three black stripes on a red jersey, not five stripes as three black ones and two red.
  19. crashcarson15

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    The old badge (specifically the "CAP" mark) was one of my favorites in soccer, actually, so this is a definite downgrade to me. Maybe wouldn't be so bad if I didn't get such an '80s hard rock vibe from the "CAP" text in the new one.
  20. crashcarson15

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    This feels like a decent enough place to post the really poor effort Indy Eleven have unveiled for 2019:
  21. crashcarson15

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Big outstanding question with the ND jerseys is whether or not they'll go with names on the back, as ND often does for bowl games. EDIT: And an answer -- no! I like the idea, think it might look awful in practice on the skinny numbers, though. This would be great with thicker numbers.
  22. crashcarson15

    MLS Kits 2019

    I wish the Timbers would’ve gone for green shorts. White/green/white is a really nice look that’s pretty identifiably Timbers.
  23. crashcarson15

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    It bugs me so much, particularly the number font UA introduced for 2016, because it's so damn skinny. The ND jersey shouldn't be hard. Gimme some nice, thick and wide numbers like 1988 (or '49, '66, '73, '77, etc.), with only a thin gold outline if you're gonna have one, and we're good.
  24. crashcarson15

    Seattle has an NHL team

    Seattle will have the same expansion draft rules as Vegas.
  25. crashcarson15

    Dunkin' Donuts,err wait just Dunkin'

    I think of the Midwest as the broader region that includes the smaller Great Lakes and Great Plains regions. People from the former often seem to think the latter aren't midwestern and vice versa. It's also a distinction that allows you to properly place western PA and western NY with other like-minded areas (Ohio, Michigan, manufacturing Indiana, etc.).