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  1. oh god, this is going to become a Thing, isn't it?
  2. 2018 NBA Post Season

    On the scheduling point, the NBA really does like to start second-round series between teams that won easily before a seven-game first-round series is finished. Game 1 of Golden State / New Orleans could happen before a game 7 in the East would.
  3. Rate of giving up at least 3 goals in every game of a first-round series over the last 10 years: - Blue Jackets, 4/4 (100%) - Rest of NHL, 7/156 (4.5%) Of everything that's perplexing about the Blue Jackets in the playoffs, this is by far and away the most confusing one. They've played 21 playoff games, and every single time, they've given up at least 3 goals. Even if you gave the Jackets the worst starting goalie in the NHL, it makes no sense -- you'd think they could at least dumb luck their way into a 4-2 win or even a 2-0 loss -- but given the team's had a top goalie every single year, it's even more ridiculous.
  4. I’ve just accepted that the Blue Jackets are never going to get out of their own damn way in the playoffs.

    Also closing this one, because it's going nowhere productive. Please come back when you are ready to share designs that are ready to be critiqued.

    This is going nowhere productive anytime soon. KingKongTom, please post concepts that you have put significant effort into and that resemble a finished product. Lack of an advanced program is not an excuse for shoddy, thrown-together concepts that utilize templates that are not remotely designed for their use -- many designers on this forum have produced good content without use of such a program. If you are using Paint, consider checking out our thread of Paint templates.
  7. Taking any emotion out of it, I think this is the best argument for why the whole Vegas situation is bad. I don't want any expansion city to go through quite the struggle that we did in Columbus, but that doesn't mean this is good, either.
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    1) Both "too busy" and "too bland" are very legitimate criticisms and can both operate in the same, rational world. I think most members on this forum like to see well-designed uniforms, with well-placed elements included. Somewhere in between is optimal (which is what's happened with the Vikings set, for example -- it is unique, but well-designed). 2) All the college teams you've cited are all dark/light color pair teams. Alabama is crimson and white; Penn State is navy and white; Texas is burnt orange and white; USC is cardinal and gold. The Jets are green and white. The only possible jersey out of that entire crew that could feasibly be outlined is USC's away jersey. The Jaguars are a teal and black team whose primary home jersey will be black and white and feature almost no teal. That's bad. 3) Talking in absolutes about design is never a good idea. Traditional, plain jerseys work well in some cases -- I think Penn State's jerseys work really well despite being really plain. Single-color numbers work well in some cases -- I think they're great on the Vikings set, which contains an appropriate amount of flair and gold to make it all work. I think what the membership is saying here is that this specific set of design doesn't work well. The jersey doesn't look "traditional," it looks bland (because the Jaguars are a '90s expansion team that has teal as its primary jersey color). The numbers, without an outline, help contribute to the overall blandness. Alabama's jerseys are bland, sure. They're also well-designed and fit a team that has a long history of tradition, and a long history in those jerseys. They work. The same design principles don't work very well here because they don't fit the team.
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    That helmet is wonderful. This is fine. I think it's better than what they've been doing, but actual outlines would help. An actual pants stripe would help. They don't suck. It's fine.
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Just popping in to note that when the jerseys are officially unveiled, we'll open up a new thread for the unveiling, leading with the news bot post, and close this speculation thread.
  11. 2018 MLS Kits

    Fussball Club at least makes a little more sense than the current, so that's a silver lining, I guess?
  12. Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    ha, good joke
  13. uh there's a series where both games have gone to overtime, but ok
  14. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Sasha Pavlovic played 37 minutes in game 1 of the NBA Finals. Daniel Gibson played 28. That team was awful compared to this Cavs crew.
  15. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Shockingly, a basketball team looks bad when it shoots 8-for-34 from 3.
  16. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a goalie give up four and put in as great of a performance as Bobrovsky did tonight. Didn’t deserve to win the game on the balance of everything else, but he was fantastic (which, to some extent, is always what the Jackets will need to be successful in the playoffs). I’d almost say Torts should dress a seventh defenseman if Wennberg isn’t good to go Tuesday, given he played Milano all of 3 minutes and 12 seconds.
  17. New Forum Policy on “Megathreads”

    I think we're going to try this with the Jaguars -- lock the speculation thread when the unveiling event begins and transition to a new thread to cover the unveiling.
  18. New Forum Policy on “Megathreads”

    Hey everyone. We’re piloting a new forum policy where “big four” sports teams that are unveiling a significant logo/uniform change and/or seen had a significant logo/uniform change leaked will see forum discussion split off from the league’s “megathread” into individual threads. I’ve gone ahead and done this with the Pacers unveiling yesterday, splitting that discussion into its own thread. The motivation, largely, is that “megathreads” are particularly vulnerable to potential discussion getting trapped and looked over, and can be particularly difficult to navigate when they grow significantly in 24 hours, as they often do when a team unveils a new set. When the Pacers unveil a new uniform, that discussion shouldn’t be swallowing up news about the Trail Blazers’ new threads, for example. We don’t necessarily need individual threads when teams are making small tweaks, especially when it relates to the Adidas -> Nike move the NBA is making this offseason; the slightly different Thunder shorts don’t require a split from the megathread. Additionally, let’s keep all speculation to the so-called “megathread.” An individual thread should be created for each team either… On the date of the expected logo or uniform unveiling When a credible image of the logo or uniform has leaked I’ll set out some examples of how we’d implement the new policy, and hopefully they make good sense. We would want an individual thread in instances like… An expansion team’s unveiling, like the Vegas Golden Knights last month When a team is keeping its logo suite the same, but unveiling a new uniform design, like the Minnesota Wild last month When a team is introducing a new logo, like the Minnesota Timberwolves did a couple months ago We do not need an individual thread in instances like… A team makes minor tweaks to its uniform, like the Columbus Blue Jackets last month. A team introduces a new tertiary or anniversary mark. A team’s jersey is transferring to a new cut or manufacturer, but largely keeping the design the same, like the Oklahoma City Thunder. This announcement only directly pertains to the major four American/Canadian sports leagues: MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL. Soccer kit news should remain in the megathread; creating individual threads for kits would bog the forum down significantly, which is the danger of this policy. However, if a major club or an MLS team has unveiled a new crest, it should have its own thread. I’m keeping this thread open to field questions and feedback from the forum, so please do let me know if you have any questions!
  19. thank you forever and ever, blackhawks
  20. Honestly, I’d prefer the NHL to just cancel the first round of the Metro playoffs every year to get the Caps/Pens series they want and spare us the trouble.
  21. 2018 MLB Season

    Tribe have started 5-5 and are nevertheless in first place in the division. The wonderful AL Central, everybody!
  22. Rank the opponents that complement a particular team's uniform

    I think there's a difference between oldest series and oldest rivalry, though. I don't think very many Bears or Cardinals fans look at their games as "rivalry" games. Cardinals/Bears is the oldest series, Packers/Bears is the best answer (IMO) for oldest rivalry. Also, I'm changing the title of this thread because it bothers my inner copy editor a bit too much.
  23. Rank the opponents that complement a particular team's uniform

    TBH, I'd hope that a lot of opponents have nice things to say about my favorite teams' jerseys.
  24. International Football 2017-2018

    I think it's relatively new in English, but I believe Russians pronounce CSKA like a word.