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  1. I'm not sure I could go top 5 because along with the ones listed here, I would have the Cardinals home and Cubs home above the Padres with the swinging Friar.
  2. One of my favorite things about the conference championship games and the bowl games is to see how they paint the fields. My personal preference is to have the end zones the way they are at the teams stadium.
  3. Place the swinging Friar on the sleeve and I think it cracks the top 10.
  4. Not that I like the change of colors, but I do give them credit for at least keeping the era appropriate logos on the title banners and look on the retired jersey banners.
  5. Great job on both schools. I really like the Illinois on the helmet. Even if they went with Illini would be better than the block I they use now. The number font you used for WV is so much better than what they use now.
  6. There are already 3 retired number flags on each foul pole, so no room on one of those. The center field score board flag space is already taken up by the standings flags. If they don't add it to the roof flags, I could see them adding a flag pole by one of the new video boards.
  7. They haven't worn the blue alt at home for a few years now. So, I'm guessing it will be the home whites. I can see them doing the chest logo and the C on the sleeve in gold.
  8. I wouldn't mind if they wore a special jersey on opening day, but I don't want them do what the Royals did and wear it all season.
  9. Has anyone heard if the Cubs will be having a special opening day jersey with gold trim or gold lettering? Or if they will have a World Series Champion patch on the jerseys?
  10. Or just make a button down version of this for the alt.
  11. I don't mind the Cubs blue alt, but would like it more if it was a button down version of their 80s blue road uniform.
  12. I didn't mind that the Orioles wore the black alt, but it was ruined by the O's alt cap. The black alt looked sharp when they were at bat with the regular road helmet.
  13. I went to a Phillies Spring Training game just over a week ago and was looking for the maroon hat. I was disappointed that they didn't have them. I already own the current cap.
  14. The school I teach and coach at, Bradford High School in Kenosha, WI, uses the following logo and wordmarks. Which were done by Skye Dillon. Which for the most part replaced this logo.
  15. I would like to see the Cubs retire the numbers of players pre 1960s, for example Gabby Hartnett. But one of the possible problems is that Hartnett wore 7, 9, 2 while with the Cubs. For the Blackhawks-Toews and Kane have been mentioned. Duncan Keith's number 2 should also get consideration.