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  1. Tabletop sports game appreciation

    Besides the basketball game with the holes in the floor, I had a Monday Night Football game. This game had mini records that you played in the record player they gave you. The offensive player picked a play and put the record into the player. The defensive player rotated the record to the defensive play, then the record was push down into the player. You would then listen to the play and more the football on the board accordingly.  The endzones were blank, so I drew team ones on green construction paper.  YouTube has some videos of this game. 
  2. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

    I didn't realize that was a video Pepsi board.  Do they ever have anything on there besides Pepsi?  
  3. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

    Is the Pepsi logo covered up because they aren't an official NFL sponsor?
  4. I was lucky enough to have gone to a Chicago Blitz game. I can remember the seats were 3 rows from the field and at the 20 yard line on the west side of Soldier Field. I bought a bumper sticker and wrist bands. But I can't remember who they played.
  5. Old Stadiums You Still Love

    And now we will hear from Phantom, "You bought into the marketing." I'm glad he is branching out from his one trick pony of Pullovers.
  6. All Purpose Stadium Thread

    And the Friday's restaurant is just over the left field fence.
  7. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    I would be interested in getting a few of those hats if it wasn't for the New Era logo on the side.
  8. The show made it seem like Ted ran out of the house right after getting the ok from the kids to date Robin. That is why I wondered about the blue French horn.
  9. If Ted truly loved the Mother, why would he hold on to the blue French horn? Especially if it had that much symbolism of is love for Robin.
  10. I liked the final episode until the ending when Ted goes after Robin. It left me wanting to know more about Ted's relationship with the mother. Also, where did Ted get the blue horn at the end? Did he always have that in storage? Maybe I missed an episode where he would have had it.
  11. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    I've been wanting the Cubs to go back to that blue jersey as the alternate, but as a button jersey.
  12. All-exclusive cap discussion thread

    I would consider buying some of those hats if they didn't have the New Era logo on the side.
  13. Orioles release every media guide

    Great find. Interesting how the covers have changed over the years. The 2005 cover had 3 players linked to PED use.
  14. Bowl Game End Zones

    One thing I like about the NCAA Bowl season is looking at how each bowl does their end zones. I like when a bowl game does the end zones like how the schools have them at home. How should bowl games do them?
  15. College Football 2013 Season

    I would like Miami's helmet if it was all white. I do like how the logo chrome logo looks. Miami could have taken a lesson from Louisville's helmet.