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  1. Yac12

    NCAA court database

    With all the skyline courts, is Memphis the only one that has their old arena included in the skyline?
  2. Yac12

    NBA court database

    I continue to be amazed by your work. This thread and the NCAA one are the two I check out first when I log into this site. I love the attention to detail.
  3. Yac12

    NCAA court database

    I've never noticed the details at the baselines on this court. Great work!
  4. Yac12

    NCAA court database

    I should have also added, that your work is amazing. I love all the details. Just like on your NBA courts.
  5. Yac12

    NCAA court database

    Great work. I really like the area outside of the main court that shows practice lines.
  6. Yac12

    Interesting Field Designs

    I personally like the larger midfield logos. Which is why I enjoy seeing bowl game fields. I also like large center court logos, but not ones that take up the entire court.
  7. Yac12

    Interesting Field Designs

    I am still in the search for the years the Chicago Bears put a Santa hat on the C with the Bear inside of it logo. If I remember, they did this in the late 80s.
  8. Yac12

    American Volleyball Associaton - Los Angeles

    Looking forward to seeing the progression of your work.
  9. Yac12

    American Volleyball Associaton - Los Angeles

    As a high school and club volleyball coach, I love this series. Any chance on doing the courts along with the uniforms?
  10. Yac12

    The Alternate Super Bowl Uniform thread

    Did Chad Greenway come out of retirement just for the Super Bowl?
  11. Yac12

    NFL Fields - 2018 Week 6 Updates (10/15/18)

    It will be interesting to see what you find. IICR growing up, most teams had location in one and team name in the other. It might be more of a college thing than NFL, but when I was a kid I'd make endzones for my Monday Night Football game and would have one and one thinking that was what teams had. Again, great work.
  12. Yac12

    NFL Fields - 2018 Week 6 Updates (10/15/18)

    I just noticed that 3 of the 4 games last week have the same design in each endzone and the same for this weekends games. Is this the new trend in the NFL or is it just the teams we are seeing in the playoffs? I personally like when team name is in one endzone and location name is in the other.
  13. Yac12

    How much can you "update" a classic?

    I really liked this logo update, but wish they would have taken it one more step and updated the 80s uniforms.
  14. Yac12

    NFL Fields - 2018 Week 6 Updates (10/15/18)

    That Chiefs 2015 endzone looks sharp. I've always wished for them to have a larger arrowhead logo at midfield. Great work Pitt6Pack.
  15. Yac12

    NFL Fields - 2018 Week 6 Updates (10/15/18)

    The Chiefs end zones need something besides the word mark. Maybe the AFC logo and the logo they use at midfield. Or the AFC logo and the Lamar Hunt Memorial logo that is on the jersey. I do like the use of the helmet instead of the logo for the Rams.