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  1. It gets even worse in your 40s
  2. As a high school and club volleyball coach, I have no problem with the hardwood floor. Sportcourt company makes some of their flooring tiles look like wood.
  3. This is why I won't go to a bowl game that Iowa plays in. Not worth spending all that money to watch them get blown out.
  4. hettinger_rl

    If I had to pick between the Golden Eagle head and the full body to be used by the school, my choice would be the full body. But both are very well done.
  5. Good Luck. I love when high schools use a custom logo vs copying something from pros or college. One thing to think of his how this logo will look embroidered onto apparel. And how easy it will be to do so.
  6. The Daegu FC logo reminds me of the Rhein Fire logo of the WLAF
  7. A few weeks back I bought an arcade cabinet that has the Pandora 4 Box with 650 games. The ones I have enjoyed playing the most are the old school 80s games of Donkey Kong, Pac Man, and Burger Time. I didn't realize they had an indoor volleyball game called Power Spikes. Not fully happy with the system because it's suppose to have Super Pac Man and Dig Dug, but they have been replaced.
  8. I really like that you kept the tomahawk on the jersey. Really great work on all of these uniforms. I'm going to miss this thread.
  9. Am I alone or not alone in my perception?
  10. I'm really liking the white panel cap and the use of the baseball behind the Blue Jay. I think the road gray needs the Blue Jay logo like the home has on the front. I really like the light blue alt. I miss the blue alt that they have now. It's one of my favorite alts in all of baseball.
  11. The Syracuse logo reminds me of the small disc that we use to have to put into a 45 record to make it fit on a record player. Yes, I'm showing my age with this reference.
  12. I don't know if it's true or not, but the story I heard is that Steve Alford made the push to modernize the Tigerhawk. I don't think it's still official. I haven't seen it on campus for years.
  13. The month I was born multiplied by the date equals the year 12*6=72 44 years old.
  14. That reminds me of the 90s Iowa Tigerhawk that they tried to adopt, but wasn't well liked by the fans.