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  1. That Laine/Matthews OT series was eerily reminiscent of the McDavid/Eichel OT last season at FNC. As a relatively new NHL fan it's pretty awesome to be able to watch the next generation of NHL superstars blossoming.
  2. Same thing happened to Lehner last year on opening night. Besides Eichel's first goal last season's home opener was a total buzzkill (Lehner injury, Kane's game tying goal being called back on first offsides challenge in Sabres history), but at least this year our three best forwards are already injured going into the game.
  3. This is the problem in my understanding. I'm not sure how much of an NHL following there is in Albany, but many SUNY students from Westchester, NYC, & LI are Rangers fans. Of course college students aren't buying season tickets, but if they actually make an effort to appeal to that demographic their attendance could shoot up remarkably.
  4. If Binghamton doesn't get another AHL team, which would honestly be crushing considering how depressed the city is, I could see Syracuse getting a solid bump in attendance. It's only an hour north from Bingo, which has had AHL hockey almost continuously since the late 70's, and seeing the crowd that shows up at B-Sens games I'm sure many of them are traveling a bit to even get to Binghamton in the first place.
  5. I'm pretty sure it was the 2014-15 season when they changed over to the old Ottawa third jersey template and the white face. I agree, definitely liked the flesh tone better.
  6. R.I.P. B-Sens Happy for Belleville to get hockey back though. Speculation is that the Rangers will be returning to Broome County to take their spot.
  7. This is amazing but how the hell did you even find it.
  8. Montreal smoked meat and pastrami are both smoked where corned beef is not. Obviously all three are delicious. I am a sucker for smoke so in my mind pastrami>corned beef. I'm pretty sure there is/was a Reuben flavored Lays available in the US.
  9. It's much closer to pastrami than corned beef.
  10. All this talk of bagged milk talk made me think of Wheels Ontario.
  11. Just had these for the first time recently as well. I feel like they are the potato chip equivalent of Willy Wonka's three-course chewing gum. I wonder if these are available in other parts of the country now or is it just a WNY/near the Canadian border offering?