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  1. Your Favorite Onion Articles

    http://www.theonion.com/article/i-was-one-of-several-people-duped-manti-teo-tells--31020 'I Was One Of Several People Duped,' Manti Te'o Tells Scarecrow Dressed As Katie Couric NEW YORK—Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o admitted Thursday that he was one of several people duped by an elaborate hoax involving the death of his nonexistent girlfriend in a revealing interview with a scarecrow dressed as Katie Couric. “It wasn’t just me—a lot of people got tricked,” said Te’o, who reportedly reached for the scarecrow’s straw hand and gazed longingly into the eyes drawn on the burlap sack face. “You know, Katie, your beautiful face reminds me a lot of Lennay’s. You make me so comfortable, I feel like I’ve known you forever. I love how you’re always smiling.” At press time, sources confirmed that a panicked Te’o was frantically attempting to resuscitate the unresponsive Katie Couric scarecrow.
  2. What Grinds Your Gears...

    I had those in high school... World Industries is coming to mind but I may be wrong. Not quite, gave that a shot on google. Something like this:
  3. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Sorry to crowd source this but it's been bothering me for 24 hours. Totally random question. Do you remember the shirts from the 90's when I was in middle/high school. It had like a cartoon drawing of a kid on the front in some situation on the chest area not taking up whole shirt and then on the back something about said situation was revealed. So a very similar drawing on back but the kid was actually an alien or something. There were a series of these shirts. For some reason I thought of "Alien Nation" but google isn't helping here...anyone?
  4. Someone deleted my old Wet Hot American Summer thread

    That movie was filmed at Camp Towanda in northeast PA, Wayne County. I played baseball for a rival camp and we lost a playoff game there in the 9th. Still haunts me to this day. They didn't have a dedicated baseball field so there was no mound, and so they had a wooden mound they'd drag out there covered in that fake green carpet--sort of like astroturf but even rougher and tackier.
  5. Worst coach in your city in the last 25 years?

    I mean, just look at him. This is the dictionary definition of dumpster fire:
  6. Olympic movement dying?

    What, is Wichita not IOC material?
  7. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Umm...does this guy really know what he got himself into? And who calls owning the Phoenix Arizona Coyotes a "dream?" Well technically nightmares are still dreams...
  8. The Simpsons

    Someone suggested the other day that the finale be another actual, real episode of the Tracy Ullman show with the Simpsons involved. I'd be all for that.
  9. Failed expansion teams you wanted to see.

    Cleveland was supposed to get an NFL team back in 1999 but that's yet to materialize...
  10. I've been there on two occasions and both times I had a pleasant experience. Is it the Taj Mahal? No, of course not. But I never felt like I was in a cesspool either. I loved Shea and I know you did too Tank, but Shea was much grimier than the Coliseum still is today. I know they have sewage problems in the locker rooms but if they're going to stay for a while perhaps maybe they finally go about overhauling that problem?
  11. been 20 years already

    Of course he did it. Forget any evidence, if he were innocent none of the crazy events that unfolded would ever have happened, because innocent people don't do things like that. Now of course, do you or I know 100% for sure, of course not. But come on who are we kidding?
  12. Rite of Spring '14: Can you fall asleep with a panic switch?

    I was at Game 6 last night, slept about 3 hours before getting up today. The Rangers still have some work to do, but at least for one night, it finally felt awesome to once in my life be able to experience something like I saw last night. That validated why I watch this stuff year after year, night after night. I finally got a return on my investment, and it's great. Now do it again...
  13. Rite of Spring '14: Can you fall asleep with a panic switch?

    Patrick Division Champs Woo!
  14. Game of Thrones - Season 4

    Arya is badass. Easily my new favorite now.