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  1. njmeadowlanders

    Worst coach in your city in the last 25 years?

    I mean, just look at him. This is the dictionary definition of dumpster fire:
  2. njmeadowlanders

    Olympic movement dying?

    What, is Wichita not IOC material?
  3. njmeadowlanders

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Umm...does this guy really know what he got himself into? And who calls owning the Phoenix Arizona Coyotes a "dream?" Well technically nightmares are still dreams...
  4. njmeadowlanders

    Failed expansion teams you wanted to see.

    Cleveland was supposed to get an NFL team back in 1999 but that's yet to materialize...
  5. I've been there on two occasions and both times I had a pleasant experience. Is it the Taj Mahal? No, of course not. But I never felt like I was in a cesspool either. I loved Shea and I know you did too Tank, but Shea was much grimier than the Coliseum still is today. I know they have sewage problems in the locker rooms but if they're going to stay for a while perhaps maybe they finally go about overhauling that problem?
  6. njmeadowlanders

    Rite of Spring '14: Can you fall asleep with a panic switch?

    I was at Game 6 last night, slept about 3 hours before getting up today. The Rangers still have some work to do, but at least for one night, it finally felt awesome to once in my life be able to experience something like I saw last night. That validated why I watch this stuff year after year, night after night. I finally got a return on my investment, and it's great. Now do it again...
  7. njmeadowlanders

    Rite of Spring '14: Can you fall asleep with a panic switch?

    Patrick Division Champs Woo!
  8. njmeadowlanders

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

  9. njmeadowlanders

    New Browns uni coming 2015

    Uh oh...
  10. njmeadowlanders

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Getting New Logo, Helmet & Uniforms

    I like the logo but I hate the helmet. It's just too big, I'm sorry. I'm all for trying new things but it just looks awkward.
  11. njmeadowlanders

    2013-14 NHL Season: "We Are North American Scum"

    Am I the only one that loves hockey but hates that the NHL shuts down for 2 weeks to partake in the Olympics? I care infinity billion more about the Stanley Cup than a gold medal. I'd take one Ranger cup over a million US golds.
  12. njmeadowlanders

    All Purpose Stadium Thread

    When I played high school volleyball Bloomfield High in Bloomfield NJ had their court in a long-since discontinued indoor pool gymnasium. Very tight sidelines and low ceilings but it worked.
  13. njmeadowlanders

    R.I.P Ralph Kiner

    It's a shame most of the tapes of Kiner's Korner were destroyed. I'd watch a ton of them. There's one on YouTube, from Tom Seaver's return to the Mets in 1983: If Ralph Kiner were still alive today he'd be spinning in his grave.
  14. njmeadowlanders

    Super Bowl XLVIII

    It's permanent. I suppose they could've painted over it with a bigger shield for this game, but that's part of the turf. They can't take it out without ripping up the field.