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  1. jhans203

    My Favorite NBA Jerseys

    These right here are MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better than those hideous gray sleeved alts ...
  2. jhans203

    Toronto Raptors rebrand

    I loved the road jerseys -- the home set -- meh.
  3. jhans203

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Really? He has been one of the best players in the game and top jerseys sellers for the last decade. Yeah, that doesn't help me either ... maybe a link to his Wiki page would help as well?
  4. jhans203

    NBA D-league: Will all teams have affiliate?

    Call them the Clippers?
  5. jhans203

    Failed expansion teams you wanted to see.

    I remember reading that somewhere too. But, they all seem pointless? Especially the Rams and Chargers move? Why not just move the Jets to Memphis?
  6. jhans203


    Awesome logo. I bet you $10 all of the teams will wear the pillbox style hats during the game! You know what I'd actually like for an All-Star Game ... ONCE ... a throwback game. Like, the next time it's in Comiskey throwback to the '30s. Then with the teams that came by later make either a fauxback or throwback to the Negro League teams. Just a thought.
  7. jhans203

    Unpopular Opinions

    If they somehow end up in San Antonio, I'd definitely want them to keep the Silver & Black. Call them the Gunslingers if you must, but keep the Silver & Black. Why not the San Antonio Riders? Didn't they have a WAFL team or something called the Riders once? Just drop the "a" ... problem solved.
  8. jhans203

    NBA Changes 2014-15 Season

    Honestly, I like this MUCH better than the crap they have now.
  9. jhans203

    1996-97 Tampa Bay Lightning Third Jersey

    Why you want to slap them?
  10. jhans203

    NBA Changes 2014-15 Season

    Looking through this, it looks like all the teams with a championship have a gold strip on the back of the collar, above the NBA logo. That's a neat touch! I'm not a fan. It's another moment where the NBA feels like it's trying to hard to be soccer. Didn't notice that the Celtics are going BOSTON on their road jerseys. SWEET!
  11. jhans203

    2014-2015 NBA Rookies With Jersey/Uniform

    At the bottom of his website there is a photoshop of him in a yellow Cavs jersey wearing #6
  12. jhans203

    Cavaliers Uniforms

    Well nothing is going to happen unless paperwork was done for jerseys in 2015.
  13. jhans203

    Charlotte Hornets?

    Oh gosh, I don't want the Jazz to match. As much as I love Hayward the team doesn't need to spend capspace on a player that could turn out to be another Kirilenko 2.0 situation.
  14. jhans203

    NBA Project 32 - Timberwolves Update

    Yeah, I think the Royals Fauxback would look awesome with Sacramento going down the jersey.
  15. jhans203

    Ugliest Matchups

    But still looks good. This matchup should never be mentioned as ugly. Just really, really, really boring.