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  1. That's totally fair. I'd like to see the CPL (the one set to begin in 2018) do what it can to become it's own top tier team. The best way to do this would be to have regular games against top MLS clubs. That's really the only way I could see current Canadian MLS clubs leaving for CPL.
  2. Love these so far. I'd love to see the CPL steal back the Canadian MLS teams (plus then you'll get to make some replacement MLS concepts).
  3. I've heard rumors from those within league offices that Bismarck will be the Larks, making them the third bird nickname in the league. As far as Fond du Lac goes: I'm a fan of Lake Flies and that's about it. Shantymen is the only other name that feels localized to Fond du Lac, and it's just not that good of a name. Something like this with a bit more minor league pizzazz would work great for an alternative to the classic wordmark tail.
  4. Those were terrible....except for the horns and bevo pattern for Texas, I really like that and I hate that I did.
  5. The Las Vegas Togemon Digimon. Digital monsters. Digimon are the champions!
  6. The only thing I can think of is that the endzone turf came in letter sized sections and was flipped during installation.
  7. Part of the turf.
  8. Way too long. The hardest part was the planning. There's just so much information to track.
  9. I was at the game on Saturday and noticed something odd in the South endzone, only to discover that the South endzone was the least of my worries. 3 out of 4 N's in the new endzones are upside down.
  10. Just in case anyone really likes this:
  11. I'll be starting an MLB map next, likely followed by NHL and NFL. If anyone has ideas on how to represent things like Phillies, Reds, Nationals, Giants, Twins, Mets, and Dodgers: I'm all ears. I'll probably put some of the former teams in as well, at least those in cities no longer represented. Most of those are less easily represented teams as well.
  12. This wasn't well received over in Concepts, so I wanted to put it here as well. I previously made a Premier League map as well.
  13. Bump