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  1. Brisbane Capitals Basketball Branding Concept

    I'd like to see the tower of City Hall expand outside of the roundel. As detailed as it is it will benefit from any sizing up you can give it.
  2. Stolen Work

    The saga of the constantly stolen Navy logo just escalated.
  3. Beer Cans and Bottles

    Little something I've just started on.
  4. Memphis Jackals NBA 2K logo

    I preferred the first eye style. I think you'd see major improvements by making lines follow the same angles and working on your lineweights. Right now you've got too many different weights. The angles of the ears/nemes crown are too close in your new iteration. I'd go back to your first style ears and bring the nemes onto the forehead.
  5. Washington State Cougars Logo

    Just some real rough photoshops of google images.
  6. Washington State Cougars Logo

    I love me a logo with something hidden in it. That said, I hate the WSU logo. It's not hidden, it's just the worst. Here's my attempt. I started with the top two options, because I wanted to keep the Cougar head tilted back, similar to the WSU logo. I'm struggling with how to finish off the bottom portion of the logo with this setup. Turns out rotating it fixes that issue, but loses that tilted back roar the original logo has. Thoughts?
  7. Memphis Jackals NBA 2K logo

    Love the concept. I'd try to work the net in a bit better. As it is now, it looks pasted on top of the logo.
  8. The Motion W that never was.

  9. The Motion W that never was.

    Stumbled upon this article today and was shocked to see a Wisconin Badgers helmet I'd never seen before. From the article: Contrary to local urban legend, former UW football coach Barry Alvarez did not design the ubiquitous "motion W" logo that now adorns team helmets and Badger fan apparel. That honor goes to Ric Suchanek, a graphic designer at Rayovac, who in 1990 was yanked from a meeting by the company president. His boss hated the Badgers' blocky W helmets and wanted to see Suchanek come up with some alternative designs. After the company obtained blank helmets from the UW athletic department with the promise that the project wouldn't cost a thing, Suchanek went to work, producing eight designs, a different one for each side of four helmets. An impromptu meeting with new coach Alvarez, athletic director Pat Richter and other bigwigs brought encouraging responses and a request for more prototypes. Suchanek cranked out a dozen more designs, including one featuring Ws that wrapped around to meet at the back of the helmet. While that design was favored by many, Alvarez nixed it as being more suitable to the Pac 10 conference. When Suchanek conceived the forward-minded motion W, Alvarez liked it right away. The design was rushed into production to make it in time for the first game of the 1991 season.
  10. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    Have you tried using the BiG logo on your new Barrelman?
  11. *Updated with New Logo* College Intramural Franchise

    Looking good. Instead of/in addition to using the middle orange to shade half of the face you might try increasing weights of the dark orange in the shadowed area. Right now we see that one half is in shadow, but that's only on the face. Use your dark orange to shade that area as well.
  12. Vanderbilt Helmet Stripe Helmet

  13. Atlanta Falcons Concept -updated with unis

    The beak seems a little large. Lookin' great Crosby.