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  1. mcrosby

    Forward Madison FC

    I really like this look and can't wait to wear it to games, but there are a few things that bother me. The rays above the flamingo. I get that there's a space that needs filling, but it seems lazy. The scales on the flamingo. Seems fishy. The changing lineweight on the rays and the wing lines. This would look much cleaner if those lines kept the same weight as the rest of the logo. The typeface doesn't ebb with the art deco feel of the rest of the logo. The Roman numeral six hundred eight. I would have been fine with a 2018, but area code seems odd. So I went ahead and took a stab at it, because if I'm going to complain I should at least make an attempt. I swapped the rays for an art deco capitol. I can use my designer speak to say that the W is encased because the club represents all of Wisconsin, not just Madison. I made line weights consistent. Changed the wing area. Changed the font. Highlighted the sash from the flag. Filled in the beak/eye shapes to be more consistent with an actual...or actual plastic flamingo.
  2. mcrosby

    MLS Kits 2019

    This post seems to have been a catch-all for US soccer, so I figured I'd throw it on the pile.
  3. mcrosby

    MLS Kits 2019

    Madison, Wisconsin's USL League One club has announced their name and logo. Madison's official city bird is the pink plastic flamingo thanks to a prank at UW long ago. The city flag is also represented nicely. I like the art deco style, the colors, and the name. I like that it doesn't take itself too seriously. I'm not a huge fan of the rays on the top half or the scales/feathers in the middle. They've had great social media thus far, and really enjoy making fun of logo explainers.
  4. mcrosby

    MLS Kits 2019

    How remarkably terrible.
  5. mcrosby

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    Right off the bat: The chicken would have looked better blue, makes the beak/bat stand out more:
  6. mcrosby

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    This is all Brandiose's fault. I'm shocked they aren't pitching "The Yellow Rose of Texas Boot Scooters" because why would you use a city name when you can use a nickname that nobody uses? I can't wait to see a sod poodle swinging a bat like a friar, or a dozen different variations of a anthropomorphized piece of beef jerky, or maybe 3 different mascots to truly encapsulate what a Long Hauler is. Brandiose has taken the fun aspects of minor league branding and made them everything I hate about minor league branding. I may sound like the old white guys calling MLB games from the press box and complaining about professionalism, but I'm sick of forgettable teams with forgettable names and forgettable branding. Your Trash Pandas and your Cave Shrimp and your Pizza Rats are a gimmick and they can't get old fast enough.
  7. mcrosby

    MLB Logo Tweaks & Redesigns - Anaheim added 4/30

    No the roundel can be on any background as is. has a green stroke.
  8. mcrosby

    MLB Logo Tweaks & Redesigns - Anaheim added 4/30

    Trying out some new fonts now. Any suggestions?
  9. Hello Mcrosby,

    In fact, I dont have access to the request. I have ask a moderator why and he answer to me I need 100 messages in the forum. 

    I'm not english fluent and its difficult to me to write message who have a sens and write correctly. You can see, my english is not good. 

    So, If you have the time, I will be very thankful for creating the Montreal Harfangs (snowy owl in english). 

    Thank you in advance :)

  10. mcrosby

    MLB Logo Tweaks & Redesigns - Anaheim added 4/30

    I'll tinker with some other Washington concepts. I'm really liking it without the stroke, but I also think the Nats should be RWB. Until then... Anaheim Angels The ANAHEIM Angels started with a beauty of a logo. I wanted to go back to that look, but integrate the halo. This leads to the formation of two A's in one. I also wanted to stick with red as their primary color.
  11. mcrosby

    MLB Logo Tweaks & Redesigns - Anaheim added 4/30

    That's what I really wanted to do, but the Capitals did it so well already.
  12. mcrosby

    MLB Logo Tweaks & Redesigns - Anaheim added 4/30

    Washington Nationals The Nationals (or Senators if you want to go way back) have had two looks: Walgreens and Boring. I wanted to move away from Walgreens but not move too far into Boring. I'm not 100% sold on the blue stroke yet.
  13. mcrosby

    MLB Logo Tweaks & Redesigns - Anaheim added 4/30

    New York Yankees The Bronx Bombers have had as many NY monograms as they've had championships. The majority are unbalanced, have no real semblance to their line weights, but are all as iconic as the last. Here's my attempt to straighten up the most recognizable sports logo in the world.
  14. Since finishing my NFL Redesign I haven't taken on any large projects. With baseball season gone I've found myself missing it, and missing the best designed league in the world. Iconic logos abound, near perfect designs, and more history than anyone would know what to do with... why not redesign the whole league? First up: Oakland Athletics The A's have had at least as many cap logos as they've had cities, and they've not yet perfected it. Time to lean into the green and yellow. Time to endear themselves to Oakland (before they find yet another home field).
  15. mcrosby

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    Go back to the same outline on the ball as the letters.