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  1. I've been on an MLB script kick lately. This one is rough, but you get the idea.
  2. Atlanta Braves Logo-ATLANTA SCRIPT 5/23

    For everyone that asketh receiveth:
  3. Atlanta Braves Logo-ATLANTA SCRIPT 5/23

    I took some risks with the Atlanta script because why not?
  4. Atlanta Braves Logo-ATLANTA SCRIPT 5/23

    I've updated the script a bit more. I wanted to leave the 'B' and 'a' unfilled to draw some attention to them. One is a beautiful, iconic B, and the other is very close to the 'a' cap logo used by the Braves for nearly a decade. This colorway is a bit of a fauxback. Enjoy!
  5. Atlanta Braves Logo-ATLANTA SCRIPT 5/23

    I actually tried addressing the A curves just after posting to Dribbble. You can see my comment on that over there. If you look at the cap example you can see my early attempts at fixing the issue. Again, the cap was a quick mock up and the stroke around the logo was lazily slapped on.
  6. Atlanta Braves Logo-ATLANTA SCRIPT 5/23

    Thanks! I don't think it would get any more lost than the current logo. It's not a detail meant to be seen from the stands anyhow.
  7. A clean-up for a classic logo.
  8. Wisconsin x Under Armour Prediction

    The only thing I want UA to do it to is to use a version of the Aachen font family a la basketball. It may need to be a lighter version for football. I wouldn't be opposed to thicker striping on the helmet, sleeves, and pants.
  9. Bavarian SC Milwaukee Stadium Concept

    The chalet and beer mug reside at Lakefront Brewery in MKE, I don't think the barrel made the trip.
  10. Here we are again, working on yet another small-time Wisconsin stadium with big aspirations. Right now, the Heartland Value Fund Stadium is more of a nice fenced in park with a few small bleachers. Well, let's pretend Bavarian SC really get a head of steam heading into the final part of their first century and get a real stadium going. Current: The current proposal: My unrealistic concept: And why not recycle this Milwaukee gem? I made this logo a while back, it was fairly well received here on the boards.
  11. Croatian Eagles SC Milwaukee

    Their primary logo is truly terrible. The 'retro' is designed by the same guy who worked on LAFC and NYCFC
  12. Milwaukee Flag Getting Overhaul

    I think this one is my favorite, it's got that rivers flowing into Lake Michigan thing going for it, the colors are decent, and it's unique: I also like the Bavarian style one, but MKE has a lot more to it than German.