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  1. mcrosby

    La Crosse Loggers launch latest logos, Louie

    The new logoset: and the concept I did.
  2. mcrosby

    Austin SC logo

    I'm open to suggestions for a different name. In this case I'm okay with the super simple Austin SC (it should be SC, not FC). Like the Loons at Minnesota United, the club would quickly become known as the Armadillos and ASC would just be their official name. You don't get that with the tree logo though.
  3. mcrosby

    Austin SC logo

  4. mcrosby

    Austin SC logo

    "The iconic armadillo is made up of 11 shapes to represent the 11 players on the pitch and the 11 completely BS logo explainers the marketing team asked me to come up with."
  5. mcrosby

    Austin SC logo

    Some slight updates. Would love some more C&C.
  6. mcrosby

    Austin SC logo

  7. mcrosby

    Austin SC logo

    For comparison:
  8. mcrosby

    Austin SC logo

    Now that Austin FC is confirmed to be entering the MLS in 2021 it's time to start doing better than their terribly generic logo.
  9. mcrosby

    Vermont FC (Updated Jan. 3)

    If you decide to keep the "VERMONT FC" in the crest I would suggest making the V match the angle of the overall crest. It's the tiniest thing, but I think it will make a difference. This is a great logo. I love non-traditional shield shapes.
  10. It's a pretty terrible logo, and a massive downgrade. The whole thing is generic, is poorly rendered, and reeks of in-house design without a budget. Some day teams will understand how important good branding is...some day.
  11. mcrosby

    Bundesliga Club Redesigns

    This is the first one I'm really not sure of. Hertha Berliner SC
  12. mcrosby

    Bundesliga Club Redesigns

    Barely any changes to Fortuna, this is a damn fine logo. If anyone has something else they'd like to see for them let me know. Fortuna Düsseldorf VfL Wolfsburg played some FIFA on Xbox and really enjoyed the look, so they updated their logo to appeal to gamers...probably. They've had great logos in the past, some with banners, some with a castle, all with a big beautiful W.
  13. mcrosby

    Bundesliga Club Redesigns

    Hamburger SV currently uses a simple flag logo, which is great and give the choice, I probably wouldn't alter. But that's not the spirit of this project. The Buccaneers of the League, FC St. Pauli already have a pretty great logo, but their pirate fanbase just isn't properly represented without the skull and crossbones. Disclaimer: I was a bit rushed making this one and altered a stock skull.
  14. mcrosby

    Bundesliga Club Redesigns

    I may. I've been searching for a good template.
  15. mcrosby

    Bundesliga Club Redesigns

    1.FC Kaiserslautern