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  1. Jagermeister's got a thumbs up from me. I like that they've gone with a subtle evolution, the brand is very recognizable so it was crucial that they didn't steer away from that. It's not S&S level work, but it still looks very classy.
  2. The pic isn't showing up...
  3. He credited you in his original thread which has, as mcrosby said in the first post of this thread, been moved in the Sports in general section of the forums.
  4. That's pretty perfect dude. I like the crescents, they're such a cool touch, makes the court unique. At first, I didn't get why they were there, but a simple Google search explained it to me. Knowing your previous work, I can predict this series will be great. Can't wait!
  5. The soccer world needs more of this!
  6. The internet says that the Stanley cup weighs 34.5 pounds, this one is at least twice as big, if not a bit more, so following that logic this one would weight more than 70 pounds. Being that tall and heavy, I'd imagine it being carried in a bear hug by all the players and that doesn't look really triumphic.
  7. The new livery is cool, but I think the logo update was unnecessary. No need to fix something that's not broken.
  8. It was a horizontal Pan-Slavic color tricolor with a red star in the middle symbolizing communism, what more do you want?!
  9. That bottom right one is "lit", as the kids say. Big fan of the hashtag. Joking aside, I like the bottom left one the most, it looks great! Also, I don't know why haven't they created an online poll, I wanna vote so bad, dude.
  10. Have you tried contacting the school about it? I know its a cleaned up version of their old logo but still, you've done the work of cleaning it up, It doesn't give them the right of using it without permission. Also, I found a couple of retro style shirts they're selling, but I believe it's the original logo on it and not your version, so yeah, I too think that the field hockey team is the only one using it.
  11. I agree with @Ice_Cap. It's a kind of logo that I would love to rock on a t-shirt. Quirky and fun!
  12. Went on Dribbble today and found a great concept for the Cleveland Indians. The work was done by Danny Sherman, I'm not sure if he's on the boards so I wanted to show of this great piece in his behalf. I think that that negative space "I" in the block C really helps give it that little spark of interest that their current primary logo desperately needs. If you're on Dribbble, go give him some love: https://dribbble.com/shots/3080323-Cleveland-Still-Rocks
  13. Probably my biggest typographical pet peeve is when the capital letter A doesn't have a crossbar. This is what I imagine had happened in that designers head: "Hmmmm, how can I make this font look custom and different?... Hey, I know! I'll remove the crossbar from the letter A, that'll be so cool." Also, I'm content with that logo. I guess I can dig it, as tigerslionspistonshabs said
  14. You should've asked for a free helmet as some kind of compensation. It really looks killer on it.