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  1. Have you tried contacting the school about it? I know its a cleaned up version of their old logo but still, you've done the work of cleaning it up, It doesn't give them the right of using it without permission. Also, I found a couple of retro style shirts they're selling, but I believe it's the original logo on it and not your version, so yeah, I too think that the field hockey team is the only one using it.
  2. I agree with @Ice_Cap. It's a kind of logo that I would love to rock on a t-shirt. Quirky and fun!
  3. Went on Dribbble today and found a great concept for the Cleveland Indians. The work was done by Danny Sherman, I'm not sure if he's on the boards so I wanted to show of this great piece in his behalf. I think that that negative space "I" in the block C really helps give it that little spark of interest that their current primary logo desperately needs. If you're on Dribbble, go give him some love: https://dribbble.com/shots/3080323-Cleveland-Still-Rocks
  4. Probably my biggest typographical pet peeve is when the capital letter A doesn't have a crossbar. This is what I imagine had happened in that designers head: "Hmmmm, how can I make this font look custom and different?... Hey, I know! I'll remove the crossbar from the letter A, that'll be so cool." Also, I'm content with that logo. I guess I can dig it, as tigerslionspistonshabs said
  5. You should've asked for a free helmet as some kind of compensation. It really looks killer on it.
  6. Uuuuuh boy, an excited Croat here just to say that the Pristina Blackbirds rock. The navy could be a bit more blue and brighter, just a tad bit and Dubrovnik has a real iconic, classy look to them. Great job so far, keep it up! Might I request Mostar?
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll pass it on to her.
  8. Hey guys, today I'd like to show of some work my girlfriend did, she's looking for some C&C and I thought that this forum has enough creative minds to comment on her work. She's a bit of a comic nerd, plus, she loves digital art and character design so much she'd like to make a career out of it. So, she had an idea, being a big DC fan she wanted to create a new character that would fall right in with all the nut-jobs in Arkham, but prettier. The result was Ace (a nod to Ace Chemicals) she is kind of a Joker meets Catwoman type of character, but the whole backstory and a personality is still being developed. You can see the project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/50061915/Ace-in-Arkham Thanks!
  9. That's not how this forum works, you're suppose leave constructive criticism in the thread so the creator of the concept can get some new ideas and upgrade upon his work. This is not a request thread and he hasn't stated anywhere that he will take requests, so please follow the rules that you can find here. As far as the concepts are concerned, I think OKC really needs a white set to pair with the blue one (I like that one better); also I would have to agree with Balu the Bare on the Cavaliers set. All in all, good work!
  10. A looks the best IMO, it looks the most balanced out of all 3. Great job on the whole identity, I'd work a bit more on the wolf's head, something feels off about it. Other than that, its super solid.
  11. Dude, this is fantastic, not one thing bad about it, I think the idea with the metallic copper ink would make it pop soooo much. I hope you find the right print shop, because I want it as a self-gift for completely dominating this semester. Will it be a larger or smaller print, or is that still undecided?
  12. Links for the pics are broken...only me or is everyone experiencing it?
  13. You always do such a great job with redesigning logos and this one is no exception. Real classy and sharp, I think it would look great on a kit as well. The only thing I think is not necessary is the grey shadow on the Aztex script, but maybe that's just me. Keep it up man!
  14. This looks really professional and I love jersey designs that look simple but also have that vibe of realism, you know, it looks like its actually being used by the team. Nothing flashy, really simple but also it has that special something that puts it apart from other kit designs.