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  1. Dribbble Invititations

    Sorry for the bump but If anyone needs an invite, I've got 3 currently, send me your portfolio via email to oliverpetrovic@hotmail.com and you'll have a chance to win one. The deadline is on the 10th and the draft is on the 12th. Good luck! https://dribbble.com/shots/3923003-Invites
  2. Fun With Flags!!!!

    At least it doesn't have a trademark symbol on it...I guess that's a positive.
  3. Fun With Flags!!!!

    Hey guys, I just rummaged through the database of Croatian city flags and just wanted to show you the uncovered gems I've found under a mountain of SOB flags (seal on a bedsheet flags). 1. Varaždin (currently in use): 2. Pula (currently in use): 3. Čakovec (was used from '93 to '94, It's a shame 'cause it was replaced by an SOB flag): Bonus! It's not a city flag but the flag of the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering in Zagreb: But now this, this is something every citizen of Split should be ashamed of:
  4. Stolen Work

    Found it! https://www.behance.net/gallery/7189541/F3-Corporate-Identity Thanks to @BrandMooreArt Pinterest feed
  5. Stolen Work

    Hey guys, I saw a page on Facebook (''professional photographer'') using this logo and I swear I remember it from somewhere else, it can't be their logo. I couldn't find the original creator, maybe you guys know where it's from.
  6. Sportslogos Comment Aggregator

    Oh my God, it's THE biggest s**tstorm of immature people I've ever seen in my life. I love how they tell Kyle to stop making threats and that he could go to jail for that while bombarding him with insults, threats and false accusations the whole time LOL.
  7. Vegas Golden Knights Wallpapers

    Agree 100% with @Zeus89725. The wallpapers are great, but you really have to work on that VivaVGK logo, the legibility isn't very good.
  8. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    My hometown team, Zrinjski Mostar, released a third kit for the upcoming season. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the club's reinstation. The first kit we wore in 1992, red stripes, blue shorts, and socks; this is very uncommon for the team since we usually sport a red sash. Zrinjski also wore this kit right after WW2 when the team was shut down by the communist state: And this is what Macron put out:
  9. Liquor and Craft Beer Logo/Label Designs

    Jagermeister's got a thumbs up from me. I like that they've gone with a subtle evolution, the brand is very recognizable so it was crucial that they didn't steer away from that. It's not S&S level work, but it still looks very classy.
  10. Liquor and Craft Beer Logo/Label Designs

    The pic isn't showing up...
  11. He credited you in his original thread which has, as mcrosby said in the first post of this thread, been moved in the Sports in general section of the forums.
  12. My first NBA courts - Pistons added

    That's pretty perfect dude. I like the crescents, they're such a cool touch, makes the court unique. At first, I didn't get why they were there, but a simple Google search explained it to me. Knowing your previous work, I can predict this series will be great. Can't wait!
  13. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    The soccer world needs more of this!
  14. The real Stanley Cup

    The internet says that the Stanley cup weighs 34.5 pounds, this one is at least twice as big, if not a bit more, so following that logic this one would weight more than 70 pounds. Being that tall and heavy, I'd imagine it being carried in a bear hug by all the players and that doesn't look really triumphic.
  15. Hawaiian Airlines updated logo + livery

    The new livery is cool, but I think the logo update was unnecessary. No need to fix something that's not broken.